Opening More Doors By Force

Remember this post a week or so ago?  I was thinking of going to school for a career that I thought I would never ever do in my lifetime.  In Kentucky, we have some drop in anytime classes for a few random pre-reqs.  I figured I would start one, do part time in the spring/summer, then full time for this.  Cool, right?  Wrong.  You see a few years ago I went to Midway doing nursing pre-reqs.  I couldn't handle the pressure nor the money and had to quit.  Only a few classes were taken.  I gave the bill to my mother to pay.  It's been two years.  So I enrolled into BCTC to enroll in one of those drop in classes.  I'm getting so excited when I get an email that says I need to transfer my credits.  I explain that I can't transfer those credits.  I'll take all those classes again at BCTC. Wrong. Not going to happen.  Can't enroll.

What have I decided to do in the mean time while John and I try to pay this off hopefully next fall? I'm going to use the money I would have used to enroll into the Learn Anytime classes and get the BodyHoops distance teacher program.  Although it seems to have changed parts of what was included in the certification in the last few days.  I'll just make a few more.  I was really liking the idea of having three new hoops that I didn't make into my collection.  I even checked the webpage three times to make sure there wasn't a reason why the price and stuff included was different.  I guess they changed it very recently, like on Saturday.

I always had a feeling I'd use the BodyHoops training which is why I never bought the BodyHoops DVD.  Although if you've read this blog post, then you will know that certifications are not necessary but I've always wanted to have an opportunity to take a class.  I also hope that being certified might help me grow a hooping community in my region.  Maybe in my town it will give some professionalism to this silly thing I do.

Although I've been thinking about getting Hoopnotica out here to do a training in Kentucky.  The more people in the area aware of hooping is good, right?  I know of a perfect location in my hometown as long as they respond to my email because it has to be a certain size. I'm still thinking about that though.  Not sure.

This week or weekend I will go over to my friend, Lois' with the article I wrote for my local newspaper.  I can't wait till Tuesday! ^______________^  Lois is also going to help me get in the PE programs if she didn't forget.  I might check on the library, too!

  Although bad news, the FCCLA members were not interested in having me come into the school and teach hoop.  Boo! Even John was offended because I used to be a state officer.  Maybe I should try the region/state.  Surely, I would be better than that guy that hypnotized people.  "Think out of the box with hooping."  "Start Student Body off with a Hoop!"