Hoop Making

With two peoples birthdays and my belated wedding reception up coming, I think I need to invest in more piping.  I'm also unsure how many hoops I should have available at my reception.  I'm inviting 100.  I think less than 50 will show up.  There will be other games, like cornhole, board games, etc.  I just don't want people frustrated cause we ran short.  If I use the personal ones that I don't use ever, we could have about 7-8 excluding my personal hoops.



  1. That sounds like so much fun! I wish I knew about hooping when I got married. Maybe I should have a second reception in my home province so all my family can attend.. I'll make it a big hoop party and have excuse to wear my dress again ;)

    When are you guys having your reception? I hope you get lots of pictures!!

  2. It's May 8th. Yeah, lots of pictures planned. I just hope I can scrap this thing together in time. I couldn't even hoop when I planned the hoop thing. I just loved the idea of having a circus-y reception after I had to scrap my wedding

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