Hoop Path 5

I really want to go to a hoop retreat.  Hoop Path is one of the few that will fit my schedule.  I've never seen the Hoop Path DVD nor the classes or workshops.  Has anyone experienced Hoop Path?  Been to the past retreats?  Tell me everything!  Also, would it be okay for a beginner hooper?  I hope so!  I want to mingle with all the other hoopers and grow in my hooping!

I already roped on friend into it.  If I can get two more even bigger discount on the room and gas. Weeeee!  I would have to make a new hoop because of my love for black gaffer.

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  1. You should absolutely do it! I did a retreat in Dec 09 and it was definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had. There were definitely a few beginners there! I think that waist hooping and maybe vortex and basic isolations would be all that is helpful to know in advance. even if you don't have those down though, I would still do it. Ann and Bax are amazing teachers and you'll meet great people!!

  2. I do know how to waist hoop, vortex (mostly okay) and basic isolations that are not near perfect. I will try to teach my friend how to do the vortex. I'm hoping to get more friends to come to help split gas.

  3. Any workshop you have access to will always be worth it. :)


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