Running....ehhhhh and Other Exercise Frustrations

This isn't much about running or hooping.  It's mainly an annoyance but I can swing it back to hoops in a minute, I swear.  I've lost 80 pounds before and kept it off!  What did I do?  I ate sensibly and exercise.  Did I run 10 miles a day?  Did I do 3 hours of spinning or Tae Bo?  No.  I did what like.  I like weight training and walking.  I was reading a random thing from my journey on google.  This girl said, "Small hoop is akin to running whereas a big hoop is like walking."  It seemed like an inherit diss on walking.  Evidently walking can't get someone fit nor let them lose weight. Psh pah.  I also see comments on facebook of people saying: I did a 3 mile run today but I still hate running.  If you don't like to run, don't do it!

Really I disagree with the girl about the hooping.  If I'm in the gym with my big hoop and I'm spinning around/walking and hooping, I feel whoooo.  I'm sweating, out of breath and tired.  That's just within 5 minutes.  When you are really into it.  Not just standing in the living room praying that you don't hit the TV, there is not (as much) joy.

  That's another thing about the hoop, I don't feel like I'm working hard enough to be exercise cause I really, really enjoy it.  Shouldn't I hate it even a little bit?  (Not including the ugh let me get my 30/30 in and then, I'm gold once I start)  Even though for the two weeks I was combining hooping with healthy eating I was losing (very slowly but that's okay).  I fell off the wagon but next week, I believe I will try again.  No more half-assery.  I think to supplement my hooping, I will do mainly barre exercises and some dance/yoga when I have time.  I found my Betty Hoops DVD to try tomorrow.  I never used it when I bought it cause I was incapable of hooping.  I think I can keep my hoop enough up that I can use it.  Although I hope that it won't require hip hooping.  I haven't quite got hip hooping.

Also, any youtube videos for what hoopnotica calls the Float (but no one else on youtube calls it that)?  I can't get that move yet it's so pretty.


  1. I'm not sure what the float is for hoopnotica language... maybe a lift off? Like when you are waist hooping and then bring it up over your head with one hand? If that's what you're thinking of, try these:

    If that's not it, sorry ;)

  2. Nope. The way the describe it, you have to be spinning for it to work. It's like a stall in your hand. Yet it's different than a vortex.

    It's the move at 1:39, at 3:20ish.

    That is why I wish there was standard language or at least a language definition of all the terms.

  3. YES standard language would be great - and unfortunately I am not sure what a 'float' is either. But, i COMPLETELY agree with you about running. Ppl were saying I should do it forever, so I did. And it SUCKED. So now I don't - it's not rocket science. How are you going to stick with something you hate, you know? Good for you for reaching your goals with methods you like and for continuing to move forward!!!


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