Sometimes it's time for a break...

Especially when you are a few minutes from a complete mental breakdown.

I know we're supposed to love the process, but sometimes trying to love the process could be disastrous. If one pushes before a breakdown, it could impede the hooper and potentially make one give it up for good.  I'm done with my 30/30 today.  I'll pick up the hoop later but no more today. I'm done.  I'm sure there is a small part of this issue that is sleep deprivation.  I'm just tired and another minute spinning that hoop will be bad. 

Time to move the tables, chairs and lamp and pretend this day didn't happen.


  1. Shannon, you are so brave for doing this 30/30 challenge. Everyone in it is. I avoided it right from the start, because I knew trying to force myself to hoop for 30 minutes every day would be nothing but a disaster, especially when busy, sleep deprived, or just not feeling it.

    I love reading your entries and updates about this challenge, because it's so inspiring to see you face the hoop and master it, making it yours. Sometimes it bends to your will, as you improve muscle memory, learn new tricks, and feel down right awesome for it, and sometimes you crumble to its will, as it kicks your ass and teaches you what it wants, makes you move differently, feel differently, and sometimes hate it so much you just have to put it away before you take it out on yourself.

    Everyone talks about the joy of hooping, how it transforms their lives, how they're in their happy place inside the circle, etc... but we don't talk how often we have felt discouraged, got so frustrated, tangled, and fed up with hitting ourselves that we almost gave it up.

    "Love the Process" is a nice mantra to cling to, but I think sometimes the process can only be loved and appreciated AFTER the fact, when we look back on it and see how far we have come.

  2. i think Shekinah said it all - the process just is, no matter what we do. Even if we don't love it in the present all the time (I don't think it's possible to), we can look back and get something from it. Also - knowing when to walk away is a skill, just like being able to hoop!


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