Hello, I'm Shannon and I'm here to make your day diffucult...

Or really the story of how I promised not to buy more tubing when in fact I did.  Honestly, I have 3 potential sales anyways. So, it will make up for itself?  I have two sister hoops to make and one for Nan since she gave hers away.  Although I'm not sure if Nan is paying or if we're bartering.

That is another reason why I am carrying the hoop in this picture, I didn't expect to buy the hoop tubing.

First, ACE:

This is what havoc I wrecked when I first went to ACE.  These men really don't know what irrigation tubing is.  They even admit to not selling it a lot.  He took off the 1/2inch tubing that's like 3 persons higher and you need a ladder.  I told him it was wrong.  He tried the next roll.  I think they also had some 160 but I didn't want to bother him more.  This is when he tried to measure it out.  The one that knew how to spin it out said .39 cents was too cheap.  Hello.  That's why I come to ACE for 100 PSI and I can get it by the foot.  I might have to see how much their 160 is for a hundred.  I only got 25 feet of the 100 to be a cheap and lighter version of my hoops for the reception.  I think that should make 2-3 barely. Depends how big I make them.

When I went to Lowes, I wound up buying more tubing and more connectors.  Why does my local ACE have no Lasco connectors ever?  Although Geneva is so easy to slide in.  Geneva is not good for collapsibles! I think I may get a new hoop for hoop path from etsy. I don't feel like making a new one and for the middle of a price for a DIY quarto, I can get a taped hoop that is a 4 piece connections.

So do you think 12-14 hoops is appropriate for a 75+ person reception with potential kids?

And I think I've fallen in love with one of the hoops I made the reception.  It's starting to look well loved. <3 

Also, my lovely blog readers, I do have drafts of blogs to post sometime when I finish them: reviews of Betty Hoops, hoop making the lazy way, hoop brands, teacher certifications, Identitape vs discount hoop supply, my PRIVATE hoop class, and more!


  1. Hahahahaha, you are so bold in that store! Look at them just rolling it down the aisle. Did they ask why you wanted it? hehe. I am always terrified when I pick up more tubing. It's up on the top shelf and covered in dust because no one else seems to by it. I look like a sight going in there all dainty and coming out covered in dirt with a chunk of tubing rolled around my shoulder. I get the weirdest looks at the cashier checkout. I am just waiting for the day they ask what it's for, lol. It can only get funnier.

  2. They didn't today. The owner of ACE knows cause there is some chick that came to make them for school one time. Next time I want to go when the man with the brace is there. He is SO nice and excited for me.

    You are so right! I put my work gloves on when I helped them roll it out. I meant to get the 100 psi tubing from ACE but the Lowes purchase was not expected.

    One of my friends swore my hoop smelled like weed. Oops on Ace.

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