I Am Not Dead Yet...

I think I'm dying of malaria or some weird thing.  I don't know.  Right now I feel like I'm about to get strep or a cold or something but I don't know what.  Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten better all week long.

At first, after 30/30, I took a break from hooping that started to get longer as soon as I started to feel ill.  The hoop I stashed at work broke mid spin.  I've also worked 8 hours overtime at work this week.  The days I go in for overtime is mainly sleep/eat/work sorta days.

Now, the first few days of my break, I sorely missed hooping.  I still do and know I should do but I just feel so icky.

My friends update me on everything in the hooping world cause I haven't even been online much either.


  1. I haven't been online much either this week- I got a third guinea pig and have been building them an awesome cage, hehe. I will have to take some pictures once their bedding finishes in the wash. :)

    Take care of yourself, Shannon! Overtime + being sick with something is never a good combo.

  2. hah i was wondering about both of you! I am so sorry you are sickie, Shannon! (also, lame about your hoop breaking mid spin!)

  3. The sucky thing about this illness is that it hasn't presented itself to be a "go to the doctor" or self diagnose illness. I'm just having to get better on my own or get worse. :/ It's like the itch in my throat before strep but hasn't set yet.

    Oh, and on all that overtime, BAM! Mandatoried today at work. My feet hurt so much. So yeah, that 8 hours of overtime is now 11.5 hours of overtime in one week. FREEAK. I have to make hula hoops tonight and my other job tomorrow.

    I've been on a new unit for a month and people have been thinking I had quit or otherwise. Nope.

    And Shekinah, here's a link to my wedding album on FB: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=502531101&aid=358649

    After I posted this, I hooped for 8 minutes. Within a minute, I was smiling and I took my troo hoop to work and did it on one break (it's not as fulfilling as my big hoops).

  4. Wow, I don't know how you have time for anything. I totally break apart and cave when I'm working that much. Do you at least enjoy your job? :)

    And the wedding album link doesn't work! Booo. I think we have to be friends first, because it isn't available to the whole world. Do you mind if I friend you? I'm not very active on facebook, mostly use it for pictures, so you won't have a million status updates in your feed from me ;)

  5. Feel free to add me.

    Eh. Some days I do and I do like it better on Eisenhower than Roosevelt (except for one nurse and a few people I don't trust). The last two days have been awful. AWFUL.

    I did a vot 12 the day before and it was nonstop. People weren't put to bed till 1030pm, awful rounds, trouble 3 was awake hitting people and then 3 falls. It was bad.

    Last night only two people were able to do rounds while one person had to watch trouble 1 and trouble 2, two people were dying and this is while working with two pulls. Although my pull was awesome. We were kicking ass and taking names. The other pull is a "talker" and we had finished with the harder team before the easy team was done! Yeah!

    Although I have to say that my MOT was easier than the first time cause I was more used to the flow of Eisenhower on dayshift. Plus good nurses.

    The overtime is also a reason why I go through spurts of OMG _______. Like hooping or sewing or reading or knitting. I can't do it all. Right now I'm going through a sewing phase. I'm sewing menstrual pads for girls in africa (plus destashing my fabric pile).


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