I Never Understood Flow Toys till..

Years ago, I used to be obsessed with bellydance but I was always too scared to go.  The bellydance studio also held poi classes.  I googled it quick and was like, "eh, what's the point?  I'm not Moari.  Why do people like this?"  I didn't get it then.  Years passed, still too worried about my weight to go to the bellydance classes.

It all changed a few months ago.  I had always wanted to hoop.  I've been trying since those years because it is such an "awesome" workout.  I never could even with my "adult hoops."  So, I guess my hoop mother is all those weight loss articles that swear by hooping.  That planted the seed.

Now a few months into this hooping thing, I am all about flow toys.  I want to try poi, contact juggling, flow wands, toroflux, EVERYTHING. I get it.  I really do get it.  Maybe I was destined.  I act like a 12 year old anyways. 

I love it because it's something that makes my body beautiful when it's not to most people.  I love it cause I achieved something and I achieved it while I was fat.  Yes, I'm fat and I can do awesome hooping tricks.  It makes me move in a way that my non hoop dance does not make me move (I'm a jumper).  I can flow to the music and be creative with my body and my usually DIY-ness.  It's magical.  I feel like a ballerina when I hoop at times.  I always wanted to be a ballerina.  I was too fat or old to be one. Evidently, I call hooping magical a lot since I already have a tag as "magic."

I know a friend who is recovering from addiction.  I really want to give her a hoop.  I wish she'd come to my reception.  Maybe if she found the hoop, she'd stop wanting to abuse IV drug use.  I also know a friend that's completely strung out on a guy who is bad news and strings her along.  She's always in the constant state of "I LOVE HIM YET HE'S WITH ANOTHER GIRL.  Even though he treats me like crap, he's perfect."  I feel like if she could find the hoop, she wouldn't need his affection and find her true self worth.  Seriously, you should see the facebook updates I suffer through because this girl hates herself without him. 

Also, bop it while waist hooping is hard, yo.


  1. My hoop mom/BFF is also addicted to drugs. She is an amazing hooper, I wish her hoop could inspire her to get clean. One last try tonight, intervention style, we'll see.

    I love how you describe your relationship with the hoop. It is really a magical feeling. Even a woman who feels ugly & fat can be beautiful inside that circle. It's amazing.

  2. @ haley - truly the very, very best of luck in helping your friend get clean. Addiction is such a scary and sad reality for so many.

    Shannon - I really, really enjoyed this post. The hoop -well, it HAS to be magical. ahah. Because honestly, pre hoop I was shy, introverted, unhappy blah blah blah and just finding it really helped me get through to the much happier place I am today. You are clearly on a journey and I think it is so exciting that you have found something to love like this!

    Also. I cracked up at the Bop It comment. :P

  3. In the morning, I will try to tape a bop it session. The problem with bop it is that I have a rythym (sp) with that which does not match my hooping. I really need to beat John's high score while hooping to really one up him!

    I figure if I'm bop it-ing, then I'm doing something with my hands instead of T Rex hands. I feel like when I try to move my arms, they are just random flaying and doesn't match the movements. I dunno

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