Body Rolls and Drama

This weekend has been exhausting.

I did go to the Caroleeena class on Friday, much to John's chagrin.  Over the weekend, John and I have been communicating more.

 He's not against me hooping.  He doesn't get it.  He's waiting to see if it's a "silly fad."  Funny thing that over dinner he said that most my fads last four months.  Hmmm, February, March, April, May....Hmmm.  One, two, three, four, fiiiive. Hmmm.  Just sayin'.

What he does not like is wasting money when we should be saving it.  Not feeling like we're financially secure doesn't bode well with him and running off to HoopPath is scary for him when he doesn't know if we can pay the bills.  After a long talk, we decided that I won't be going to Hoop Path but most likely I will be able to go to Flow Camp 2011.  It's in the neighboring area and it's only $80 prepay.

You know what I will get for not going to Hoop Path 5?  A freaking back yard.  I hate where we live now. It's small, neighbors are awful and it just annoys the shit out of me.  I don't have a yard. I want a garden.  Now that I hoop, I really want a yard since house hooping is verboten.  I literally cry some days with my hoop over lack of space and annoyance over going to the park.

We had our reception this weekend and our family gave us money mostly.  We racked up enough of a sum to be able to pay for a deposit on a duplex (hopefully).  He seemed more sure of it today.  I think that's what he may have decided especially after this talk.  I asked if I could get one of those shade thingies so I can hoop in the rain, too.  He said, "we'll see."  He also wants to find one with a garage.  Hello, winter hooping in empty garage.  It made me happy that he even considered it.

I think a yard would be so much better for my hooping than HP5.  I'd be in the yard all the time if I had one.  That's what I did this weekend.  I've hooped myself sore.


  1. That sounds like great progress, and exciting about getting a yard! I hope it all goes through.

  2. Have you tried showing him how much there is out there about hooping to maybe change his mind about it's "silly fad" status?
    Sounds great about the yard! Backyards = best hoop spot!

  3. I have to keep hooping to get out of "fad status." I can't allow myself to quit! Personally, if I've passed four months, I really am good now especially considering all that I've conquered.

    And he let me talk about hooping for 3/4s of dinner last night. Can we say progress? I think we're in a more positive place right now.

    And my muscles aren't as sore as they were yesterday. I was afraid I couldn't lift a hoop.

  4. I've been hooping for 3 years now and some people still view it as a silly fad... Hopefully he gets over it. My boyfriend is now so good with it that he carries my hoops for me (I sell them, so I have TONS) when we're going into a festival or setting up camp. :) I think a yard is much better for you than HoopPath, you'll have endless time and if you have a laptop, lots of learning time wit YouTube :)


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