My Weekend Redux

Friday:  I got on a medicine that says avoid long exposure to natural and artificial light.

Saturday:  John and I went to look at the potential new place.  He pointed out the underground lines.  Okay, so?  He forgot to show me the bike racks that he wants the hoops on.  I took my flow wand with me everywhere and played outside a games shop with it. The owner came out and said, "No loitering!  I'll call (some person I guess we mutually know that I can't remember his name."  I'll tell him to bring the mace cause she has a stick!  He's been to Afganistan and he won't hesitate."  I stopped...for a while.  John was taking too long to decide what little tonka truck he wanted and I went back out to...loiter.  Later, the owner of the shop told John, "You should have married an adult."  Well, I thought that was one of the points of marrying someone fifteen years younger than you.

Sunday: I took my flow want to church and made a 6 year old cry cause I would not let her touch it.  I can make a nice hoop again.  A nice, quality wand? Hell no.

I went to my first official spinjam.  Now, I will go over and over about how hooping has made me slightly more outgoing and braving people situations, but I still have after effects.  My heart was pounding the entire time I drove there.  I was there at 12:15.  No one was there.  I saw a girl with coffee opening her trunk.  I prayed to myself, "please be pulling hoops out."  She did and I popped out of my car.  Well, slowly.  I spent a minute or two "looking" at what the heat of the weak was doing to my hoop. Then, I walked over and started hooping.  A few more people came and went.  One person started knee hooping for the first time ever.  It was hot and humid and sunny.  It was blazing.  Sometimes I pulled out my flow wand and played with that.  Evidently I really like going up and down my chest.  I've gotten really good at it to the point it's a part of my play.  Yes, I don't believe I have a move unless it just flows out of me as I move with my hoop when I'm groovin' with it.  Oh and I have some duck down too because I play with that a lot too.  I played with the pizza toss for a bit, but I still don't like it.  I got a few compliments and  that I'm ahead of the game considering how short of a time I've been hooping.  I tried to say thank you but mentally I'm going, "But I suck.  I can't diagonally hoop comfortable, I can't hip hoop with a smaller hoop, I can't do so many things.  I'm not awesome.  There are people that hoop for three months that are like professionals."

Later that day I went to that six year old's party. I brought hoops.  Later the sun came out and I took them all out.  I was hooping in the sprinkles.  I think I heard some gasps when I first started. I heard Nan telling all the mommies that they could hoop too.  I heard some kids that are attention seekers scream at me, "I can do that too!  I...I...look at me...I..."  I even taught Nan's brother how to do the halo.  ^_^  Nan's mother wants me to make 3 hoops for her which I think are the hoops I should have already been making anyways.  It was so hot and humid. I had to take many breaks.  I was so sweaty and icky.  One mommy came to me and sat beside me.  She said, "I've heard about you.  You're the hooping goddess, aren't you?"

I was trying to chest roll.  Come on, I know this but I haven't practiced in a bit.  Well, a kid came to me and said, "Are you going to give us a show?"  Also, during the playing in my friend's yard time, I realized why those lines underground would be nice.  Her's weren't and I was really afraid to toss my hoop.

Now, I must get dressed and clean out my car.  I have to have it clean enough to fit in a friend for hoops class.  I'm literally dragging her to this class.  She's like, "hooping is not my passion."  Maybe cause you haven't seen the awesomeness that you can do one day?  I don't think she's even seen me in the last few months hoop  It's like I said before that sometimes the hoop hasn't latched on to someone and how awesome it can be.

And please be sending John and me lots of luck!  We are hoping to get accepted for this place that we put in for yesterday!


  1. goood gooood luck on the place!

    uh, "You should have married an adult." <--- FORGET THAT NONSENSE.

    I've heard about you. You're the hooping goddess, aren't you?" <--- there we go.

  2. hehehehe, you are becoming the local hoop celebrity :D


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