Time to Bust out the chest hooping

My recent hooping, non edited:

Update on Mission New Place To Live:  They countered our offer with a laughable offer.  The lady said maybe they want us to get serious.  So, we upped our offer. Fingers crossed that we can make it feasible!


  1. WOW! Not too long ago you could hardly keep it going on your waist. Look how quickly you are progressing! You are on fire now. Totally rocking out with that hoop. No wonder you are the local hoop goddess :)

  2. I keep getting told that my progress is amazing. I've heard it multiple times today alone.

    Evidently, Nan has been telling her friends about me as she's tried to convince them to hoop. So in her circles, I'm a hooping goddess.

    The day that I truly think I am as skilled as I am is....I don't know what day that will be.


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