Expanding Hooping Skills


Have you seen Tink in Tokyo's blog? I love it.  I also love this fantastical thing she posted.

Hooping drills!

The other day was all about drills for myself.  I did my own version of this.  I didn't do turning because I'm trying to learn these skills without turning.    And it's hard.   I still can't hip hoop but I tried 3 times without turning and moved on.  My drills were 30 personal seconds and then I'd move on.  One thing I did learn, I can one arm chest hoop easier with one arm versus my right arm up.  Though I didn't do thigh hooping but I did knee hooping.  Yes, I shimmied it down myself!  I was surprised to see that I can hoop on my ribs although my chest got in the way at times.  I will definitely do this more!  After that, I also worked on more isolation work. Yay hooping!