I want to hoop but..

I don't once it's time to hoop.  Maybe it's the weather but I've felt so blah.  Also, I just haven't been hooping much at all unless it's at hoop jams or otherwise.  I don't want to go outside and meet my neighbors nor do I want to house hoop.  I did have fun hooping at the motel at Kings Island.  I even had a mini audience of children when I was doing that. <3  I loved that.  They didn't talk to me and I'm pretty sure their parents told them to stop staring out at the window to watch me.

I get so excited to hoop until I have the time and place.  Then, I'm like blah.  I think I'm just waiting for my day where I can have a hoop space of my own.  It maybe by August if I'm lucky. <3

Maybe one day.


  1. I hear you! I feel the same way sometimes. And as soon as some people come around to watch or I know that someone might be watching somewhere, only then I get into it. LOL. Maybe it's a Leo thing for me, I just want to perform?!

  2. I'm so glad you commented, Bhakti. When I transfered my blog, I forgot your blog and I use my blog roll to keep up to date on all my blogs I read. ^_^


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