Online again!

Well, it's not like we were ever offline.  Just a bit screwy.  Let me tell you about the new stuff!

This blog has a new address.  Yes, I have my own freaking domain name. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  You can now find me at and you can just call my blog, Hoop Love or Whole Lot of Hoop Love.  I know Whole Lot of Hoop Love is a mouthful.  The name came from a conversation with three different people but it was Shekinah that really helped me choose hooplove.whatever.  Since I was paid today and had some extra cash, I got the domain name.  I worked hard for this money (hello overtime) and I should have did this a while ago.  The old addresses still work though, which is great.   I have 200 business cards for my blog and hopefully Flow Camp will allow me to pass more of them out.

Now, pages are in tabs.  My facebook LIKE is on the side.  The troo hoop banner is below with my hoopcity ID, followers and a search function.  I've also renamed a lot of these things.

My new pages are Hooping (basically, hooping for idiots/beginners), Who am I? (basically recounting my hoop journey in detail), and Contact info (I have a fancy email for it now!).

As always, I will label most of my posts on twitter as hashtag #hooplove.

Oh and new background.  Does this make me legit now?  If you don't see your blog on my list, tell me.  I lost a lot once I switched over from blogspot to

To celebrate, I will post my crappy and only video of my flow wand from my photobucket.  I haven't really practiced it since then.  This reminds me to never use PB for posting videos on my blog again.

If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here, on facebook, email, whatever.  I'm here for you. <3


  1. Blog redesign looks awesome! And congrats on the new domain name, very exciting :)

    I've never seen the Flow Wand before either, very cool

  2. Ooooo, fresh and exciting! Congrats on the domain name. :)

    Your progress with flow wand is so great! I can barely even keep it straight, but I guess I haven't tried much. I love when you swing it around your head. You look like you have the most control then. Very cool. It seems like something you are picking up on quickly. Don't let it fall by the wayside :)

  3. Aww, that is so encouraging, Shekinah. I actually played with it for ten minutes today. I really need to control my non flow hand. :( Also, be on the look out on more flow wand video tutorials. I found a crap ton the other day and they are scheduled.

    If you didn't look through the tabs, I recommended your blog in Hooping: Start.


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