I think the hoop is here to stay....

Or John had finally realized this.

We went to Kings Island a while ago.  I threw my hoop in the car.  I guess he didn't see it till I was hooping at the rest area.  He wasn't pleased at that aspect (he even mentioned later about the videos that I told him that OmWoods posted about the cops).  I actually left the park early so I could go hoop.  I was really, really tired but I later admitted I wanted to hoop also.  I really feel a difference in my body when I don't hoop.  That morning my back was killing me and I knew I should have hooped.  I started to air hoop and practice isolating my chest the other way.  After that, it started to feel better.  John kept telling me that it was inappropriate and that we're in public.  But I was stretching, practicing, and air hooping.  I found myself sometimes standing and practicing my arm movements as I read about dinos.  I'm a dork.

Also, John sometimes snores to the beat that sounds like dubstep.  Or I was already asleep and thinking about hooping way too much.

Every time I mentioned I was going to hoop outside the motel, John didn't get mad or anything.  He even wasn't ticked that I brought the hoop.  He was kinda happy, I think, for me. <3

Oh but I brought that up and he denied it.  Basically everything I do to him is a "fad."  But I also go through periods of OMGTHISTHING.

PS I don't know why my pictures are funny.  But I am hooping with my troo hoop in these pictures.  That is what I took to Mason, OH with me.