Models can't get thinner

Remember the blog from the other day?  More concepts on how advertising is affecting women.

Love yourself for who you are my friends


  1. And yet it's women who keep posing in these degrading ads, perpetuating the cycle. Everyone always talks like it's advertising and media that's the big bully, but we're just doing this to ourselves.

    I once heard an argument that models are SUPPOSED to be thin because it's the clothing on display, they serve as a rack, a hanger, and should not distract from the art that is clothing. I was like, ya, okay, as if that's any better, lol. Women's bodies valued at nothing more than a clothes hanger for a living. Woooo.

  2. Yeah, they are. I used to watch Next Top Model all the time and that's what they'd say before calling a girl fat. You are right, about 75% of the people that bullied me in school was GIRLS. I remember this one girl who I thought we were friends. I walked by and she called me fat or something. That might be why I feel more comfortable being friends with boys sometimes.

  3. Ya, women can be viscous little creatures. :(


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