Flow Camp Review

Don't get me wrong. Flow Camp was amazing.  I feel like it's my duty to share my opinions this blog.  Some things I think Flow Camp could have improved and others are my issues.  Hopefully, next year will be better and larger!

Flow Camp could have been better if...
  • Opening Ceremonies.  Yes, there was warm up but I think it would have solidified the feeling that yes, Flow Camp is starting.  Maybe I'm crazy.  I'm so used to big events having a kick-off/opening ceremonies.  It didn't need to be fancy or dorky.  No FCCLA-like skits here. Just a random, "Welcome, y'all!" would have sufficed. Although I would have rather likes someone, didn't have to be Jorden, come up and welcome everyone.  Something like, "Hey flow wanderers!  How is everyone!? (cheers)  I wonder who came the farthest? (wait for screams of random places) Oh, Did I hear someone from (random far state).  Thank you everyone for coming!  It's going to be an amazing weekend!  I just wanted to tell you a few things before we start. ( Directions to basic places, instructions on how to get a brochure if you didn't get one, explanation of class replacements, teacher introductions) (this would be a good time to share any surprises) Who's ready to flooooooooooooooooow?!  Woooo!  Have a great time! Be safe!" Cue opening warm up beginning! Maybe I'm lame but I think any big event should have a welcome.  Hell, if no one in Jorden's camp wants to do it, I will do it.  I love audiences and public speaking. <3  I've presented in front of thousands before. So I have the experience!
  • Brochures.  Many people didn't get them which sucked because some classes were cancelled.  I didn't know that I could get them from the General Store till Saturday.
  • Class changes, class descriptions and teacher notices.  Okay, this might just be my issue.  I think the class changes should have been updated as soon as possible on the website.  The descriptions should be sent right with the teacher signing up for it and detailed (like if they are extra props available)  If there has to be substitution that is too late to call, a opening ceremony could help ease the pain.  Hell, if I had known Grimm was teaching a beginner to intermediate fire fan class, I would have been there.  It didn't even list Grimm in the description and it was labeled "Intermediate fans."  I talked to him later and he was a tad upset no one came. He said it would have been fine for beginners.  He was blown away by the empty class with "40 people were in the  hooping class next door."
  • The hooping classes need more instructors.  One teacher couldn't make it and another guy volunteered. Awesome right? Except mostly hoopers came to Flow Camp and he was overwhelmed from what I could tell.  He eventually split the class but I think it's still too much for some people.  Of course, hoopers are amazing and some would help others but still 25+ people in one class can be daunting.  Maybe have a helper for each teacher? 
  • Can any porta-potties be closer to the campsites?  Even one would have been awesome, especially for the far off campsites.  I'm not sure if this was a logistic with Terrapin or what. When I moved the second time, it was so far away. Thank god for a go-girl! 
My mistakes:
  • Chigger bugspray.  Does it exist?  I want to bathe in that stuff.  My itching and bumps have finally subsided. Thank god!
  • Blanket, sleep medicine and ear plugs.
  • Didn't bring a  heavy blanket.
  • More sunscreen and baby wipes.
  • Definitely need a shade thing.
  • Proper transport for all my shit.
  • Emergency phone batteries and a watch.
  • Extra clothes, shoes, and take more pictures
  • Maybe a mat to wipe my feet before I step in my tent?
  • Towels. Evidently they did have showers! 
  • A fire hoop. I wished so much I had my own fire hoop.  :(
  • Talk to more people.  I may have outgrown some shyness but it was totally lurking in my head.
  • Take more video!
  • And (personal) permission to take rest breaks and naps!
That's all I can remember.  It was amazing and I cannot wait for next year!  I don't even think I will be able to go to Snow Flow now unless there are day tickets. :(

And there will be a blog on Monday on why I've been silent lately.


  1. Heyyy, I have missed you! Glad to see you back. I hope everything has been okay, and just busy.

    I agree with you about opening ceremony and introductions and stuff. They had that at spin out, and it was very valuable to get a recap of everything that was going to happen, get us pumped up when we're feeling a bit lost or nervous, and then you know where things are and what to expect.

    And I agree with you about updating schedules. That bothered me the most about spin out is that I had printed and highlighted all the classes I wanted to take beforehand, but due to weather or instructors not showing, things were shifted and moved around A LOT. They updated on a sheet of paper in the main breakfast hall, but it was still day by day, and we didn't know if we'd have an opportunity to take a certain course the next day if we chose something else the first day instead. Very chaotic, and I ended up not quite taking everything I had originally wanted. I totally feel you on that.

    Was this the first year for flow camp?

  2. This was the first flow camp ever! So yes, first for me and the people organizing it!


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