New Trick Inspiration?

I feel so stuck in my hoop practice. Again, I don't feel like I do anything amazing.  Although is it so bad to go through only 4-5 moves that give me great pleasure?  But I also feel stuck.  I can't diagonally hoop on my waist and I feel like that holds me back.

I saw this move today on the youtube and I might learn this one. 

What about you?  What trick do you think I should learn next?  I might tape my attempts at diagonal hooping to see how I can get better input.  Paige said I need to get better at hip hooping because my lower body is like wtf, shannon!  I was attempting to tape a super thought through video with costumes but I can't get in flow and the view was crooked. I want a spotlight worthy video!  I just feel so stuck in the hoop. :(  I want to feel the excitement of hooping again.


  1. Did you ever sign up for one of Safire's classes or Hooping University? If you have some spare cash, it might help to have access to a string of new videos and ideas to generate inspiration. Although, sometimes nothing is inspiring when you just don't feel it :p But maybe it would help?

  2. I have the first set of Safire's classes. I don't know how much I liked Hooping University. The (sound) quality wasn't super awesome (and I can't hear very well). Either way, no extra cash since we bought a house and puppy. Plus John wants to save tons of money now that we bought the house


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