Contest...sort of

I decided to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month by holding a contest in my local community.  I figure I will give a free customized hoop to a breast cancer survivor in my community.  This is a way to build a hooping community in my area (hopefully).  Bad idea?  I hope that I can use Facebook as a why to announce this contest. Since people are loving the picture share thing, I latched on.  I made this picture:
And I'm going to share it every day till the 25th.  I hope others share it as well. I really want to have a winner and spread hoop love in my community!  I really would like this to get the attention of the local media.  My goal in the next five years is to have a much larger hoop community in my area.  Is that a bad thing?

I am planning on emailing all the FCCLA teachers in my area and suggest they use hooping as a Student Body project.  I'll teach the class and provide hoops. I just need the kids to do it.  The kids would have to advertise and sign the kids up (I need a headcount for hoop number).  Hooping could be a good thing for them.  I hope at least one of the four teachers will consider the idea.  I used to be a state FCCLA officer in my state.  Surely, they will know I really want this to help FCCLA as a whole.  I know in my school Student Body was never really worked on.  Maybe next year, if this works, I'll email the state adviser and I could go to the state meeting and present hooping.  These are just plans.  Fame is great but I really want to open my area for more hoopers and flow artists.