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Hula Hoop and Star Wars themed Holiday Wreath

This is what a six year old gave me on Sunday. <3

My article for the Jessamine Journal is almost ready. Although the word hoop is really repetitive.  I know talking to most hoopers, I'd use words like dance partner, prop, etc but a non-hooper in this po' dunk town would not get that.  So I've been using exercise in this article as a replacement.  Also, in the next few weeks, Lois will probably email the PE teachers to get me in their classes.  She didn't forget me; she just wanted to wait for the best time for me to come.  Although I am super worried that I won't have enough hoops.  I only have about 8 good hoops right now and I would need probably thirty.  Can I even fit thirty in my car?  Eek!

I am so excited.  I also thought maybe I should email other FCCLA's in my area. If my own hometown doesn't want me, than poo to them!  After I get my certification or something, I might email my former state adviser.  I'll come to their camp for free as a presenter of hooping awesome-ness and why everyone should think outside of the exercise box to have a Student Body program.  

On Tuesday, according to the tracker, I should get my bodyhoops order. I am so, so excited to start.  Except I think I maybe getting sick. And I've given up on NaNoWriMo.  But it doesn't matter since I've started something really awesome (BodyHoops teacher program), wrote two different articles and posted some on here!  I almost have a three beat weave learned. So yeah, go me!  

On another note, sometimes I look back at my blog posts and think, "I still sound like a silly girl writing in her journal."  You have no idea how many times that I've read my past journals when I was a teen and thought, "Oy vey."


  1. What a cute wreath!

    And this is not silly. It is good to document :)


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