Jessamine Journal Article

The Jessamine Journal article on my hooping is out now!  Read about it here:  Article here !

For the most parts I'm pleased with what he wrote and the pictures are not awful which I was worried about.  If you have come here after reading the article and you'd like me to make you a hoop and learn how to hoop, please email me at  Thank you for reading the article!  I hope it helped inspire you to pick up a hoop.  Remember that I'm on the The Hooping Family Tree.  If I've inspired you to hoop, feel free to submit your information and let's see our tree grow!  I've been able to touch some people with my hoop that I've never met before!  It's amazing how my life has changed!

If you don't think you are "fit" enough to hula hoop, please read my latest article!

If you want more info on the events mentioned in the article, please continue reading:

I'm  going to be vending at the Central Kentucky Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.  I'll be selling hoops, offering a raffle for a beginning hoop kit, and more information on hooping.  This summer I will be holding a hooping workshop at the Jessamine County Library.   I started a facebook page for my hooping business called Undefined Hoopdance and I'm making a website for it.  

I am still fundraising money for The Hooping Life Event.  As far as I know, there are still many spots left in the Hoopnotica training.  Tempted? You should be!  You could meet me!


  1. awesome!! congratulations, and your photo is beautiful.


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