I've really tried to go over the online ATS class through RaqsTV a few times over the week and I just can't do it. I'd have to say I just gave up on it. This was taped with a regular video camera. Which means it's hard to see small movements because of the quality. I'm sure other RaqsTv selections that are from DVDs are much better. Other than that, the clothing choices make it so hard to see hip/knees, and feet. I think the second week was much better due to the fact that she was wearing capris. Even then, it's harder since everything she wears is dark! Not ideal camera quality + black clothes + long flowy skirts = hard to see movements. I feel like after the second week, I'm guessing they are using cues to review stuff. Except I missed the cues, I guess, and I can't hardly see the cues (if I could remember them) to go over the next moves. When I took the tribal class at Mecca, even if we would be going over the choreography with cues, she'd still repeat "cue." There are many times that I have issues hearing over the music. How come people have such a hard time balancing music with instruction? She'd be running from the screen to her computer fixing that issue. At least with my current live classes, they have a clicker to fix the volume without changing where she is in the classroom. Speaking of hearing issues, there is another instructor in the class/students. If they say something, especially something important, you can't hear them. Of course, all these issues I can add to hooping/flow videos, even on Hooping University. Video quality, clothing issues, and volume issues is a major thing. I know that even my videos have those issues. When I feel like in review, it's harder to hear, I try to add subtitles. Now, if you are taking a improv tribal/ATS class in person or would like a review, I'd think these videos may be great review. Although there will be some differences which I've learned by talking to my friend Anna who was taking an ATS class in person from another sister studio. When I was able to get the FatChance Bellydance Volume 1 for basics, I also realized I wasn't chasing against time. If I were to do another RaqsTV selection, I'd probably choose the Blacksheep bellydance improv tribal for a month ($9.99). This is from a DVD which makes me think that it would be much clearer. I might wait till after shimmy mob to go back to more of a tribal section. Now, are all online bellydance like this? I've seen a few different options from other people. I've looked into Datura Online which is from the great mind of Rachel Brice. From the previews, it looks like the quality in camera work is to die for. There is also a la carte options for individual videos. The ATS class 1 is about $6.99 or $35 a month for the whole video library. Although I'm not sure if the price would even it out in the end. I can't see myself doing class 1 enough for my monies worth. Maybe 2-3 time a week but after that I know I'd get bored. I think the monthly price would be the best option in that regard. Now, a warm up that you could use every day, that would be enough use for money for an a la carte option for a month. Datura online also has Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and more. They have tribal classes, yoga/cross training, and more. I've seen reviews of Datura Online from people who actually have a subscription. So I'd google for reviews on blogs for a throughout review of that.