Monday, June 23, 2014

Post Playthink

Oh mi goodness.  Playthink was amazing.  Playthink is one of the best festivals around.  First Wednesday, my best friend came to visit.  That morning we packed the cars and headed to Berea.  It was a rush to setup to get to my first class.  It didn't come out as much as I had planned a year ago.  I need to find my notes.  But I did have a few people come up to me and thank me.  Some said next year they will take my class again.  Of course, when people wander off, it makes me feel like aghhh this is a train wreck!

Overall, I took classes like staff 101 that really became steves 101, poi 101 for 30 minutes, mandala coloring (got a ton of ideas for 4-H camp next year), henna 101 and 102, fans, fans, and more fans.  One flow wand class that I think I eventually wandered off from.  Originally I wasn't going to do henna 101 but after my kids class kinda migrated, I didn't feel like standing.  Yes, my kids class was a kids class for 10 minutes, then a young adult beginner waist/chest hooping class and then a kid for another minute and then BALLOOOOOOONS kinda stole the next 30 minutes.  So I meandered to henna 101.  I am so glad about that!  I had a henna kit years ago and I am so thankful that it didn't have anything super scar inducing after hearing about the dangerous of not mixing your own henna.  I bought a few cones from Melissa and later let her henna me.  It was great to be able to ask more questions like that.  I have gotten some henna from artistic adornments and more on the way from

During the firewalk, Christine helped us with a fertility dance for my friend, Jacki, who is trying to conceive. She got a little fire kiss. I walked twice.  During some of the pre-walk, I was like cheeeeeer for everyone!  And later mini dance party with Angela.  The energy was amazing.

Unfortunately, I was unable to perform.  But I keep telling myself there must be a reason for this!  I loved the variety of classes and there was always something that I could take if I changed my mind about it.  Although I noticed there was no short string flow wand class which a lot of people wanted to try and there was a kid attempting to follow the long string class. Eventually I stopped and helped her out for a bit.

I did buy new techy fire fans and they are SO wonderful.  I so recommend them.  They are from Forged Creations.  They are the bomb dot com.  Even when they are lit, they aren't wobble.  It's heaven!  Speaking of fire, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the circle.  Although the volunteers that are doing the fire circle should NOT be smoking.  Yes, that totally happened while I have a white gassed fire hoop.  I was like, "I'm going to step way over here...."  Either way, every time I hit the fire circle, there was way long line or they'd tell you to gas up when a person LEFT the circle to where it was empty.  I think if we have the numbers we have this year, the fire circle might need to be extended.  And I totally saw a kid legit gas up in the middle of the day cause "his friend was going to burn his poi later."  I still don't understand that mad science.

Video that was posted Jessie Eckles from the media share:

As soon as I left Sunday, I had to start getting ready for 4-H Camp.  And I was so dead tired that I just half assed it.  But it was worth.  I love Playthink so much and I hope I can share it with my kids one day.


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