NaNoWriMo and Musings

I feel like the last year has been a huge year for growth and change for me.  Unfortunately, the only change has been in my weight. When I first embarked on my weight loss journey, I had two other goals and I didn’t achieve either of them. I did lose 100 pounds in the year that I made that goal.  Now, I am trying to figure out how to achieve some of these goals and potentially rebrand this blog. I am not even sure anyone is out there!

So, hello, my name is Shannon. I live in Kentucky. I am a stay at home mom. I hula hoop occasionally but I am not the best. I have nothing to give to the hoop world. Yet here I sit with this URL that I can do something with.  I have spent the last year using either iTrackbites and Trim Healthy mama to lose weight.  I have been attempting to become an “instagram influencer” or a “youtube vlogger” but everything falls short.

My goals would be:
1. Finish writing and editing a book.
2. Pursue being published. I will decide if I should go more traditional or self publish.
3. I want to become a health coach in some fashion. I want to help others!
4. Be able to talk in Esperanto

 I was talking to a friend that I am an accountability buddy for.  She is one of the few that I reach out to every few days. I try to give her a few tips, encouragement, and what not to help her achieve her goals. She mentioned I should have a website or blog but the thing is I have nothing new or amazing to say. It’s like another says I do so well with the 1 on 1 sort of life.  I just want to help people. I want to be able to earn a few bucks that is not an MLM. I don’t make up amazing Trim Healthy Mama menus or recipes.  I barely get 4 hits on my THM related videos. I am not sure if I have anything to really add or say.

Then again, I have this awesome URL I can use.  What should this blog become?  A mishmash of mom life, sporadic hoop life, weight loss and my writing life. Maybe some hits from affiliate links and stuff will be able to garner enough cash that I could look into health coaching.  I would love to become a THM coach. Although I did jump at the chance of becoming an iTrackbites coach. There was no fee for me to become a coach.  ITrackbites is a cheaper version of weight watchers.  There is also the option of counting calories. If anyone is interested in iTrackbites, here is a 40% off coupon for PRO which includes freestyle.   Click on your Phone though.

Other than that, I am currently procrastinating writing my nanowrimo novel. I really want to hit 1500 about before the boys go to bed. I am currently just barely ahead in my novel. I am doing much better than the last year I tried nanowrimo. This will be the first book in a very large series. Unfortunately, the idea started to become a grander than I originally planned.  Actually, the spec of inspiration is twelve shades away from what the current novel is about. I really don’t have a good idea of where I am going with it. I do have an idea for the second book.  The only thing I know is the small things that have created the issues in the present and other books. It’s a big idea and I don’t think I am good enough for it.