Meal Plan 12/09-12/13


This will be another meal plan for the coming week. I will either shop today at Aldi's or this weekend at Kroger/Walmart.

Again, just like always I make sure I always buy eggs and egg whites to ensure that I have breakfasts for E or S.  I haven't been doing a lot of oatmeal but I really should make Briana's Baked Oatmeal again.  I just have to remember to do it the night before.  Of course brown batter oatmeal(pictured above) is always very delicious. Oatmeal can be made into a XO by adding whole egg or nuts on top. They key to THM is finding your easy and having those two main options for me helps me. I can't plan every breakfast. If you are on the go, try muflets or oatmeal to go cups! If I am feeling sick, I will eat toast.

Lunches are never planned. They are usually leftovers. If I do not have leftovers I will have a pizza sandwich (THT) or a deli sandwich. I will make ramen for FP (THT) or egg drop soup (I really just drop it in the broth. Nothing fancy).  One day this past week, it was a bad day and I grabbed a rotisserie chicken and a bag of romaine. I ate it like a barbarian on the couch while nursing the baby. Where there is a will, there is a way!

I still need to use all that greek yogurt. That will be a main snack. I also have earthquake cake I could snack on if I want to enjoy. I should also make some trim healthy pancakes from THC and Bust a Myth Banana cake (THC) since both of those things use a lot of yogurt. Sometimes my snacks are not planned. Last week, I had a Briana's stuffed taco instead (but it did use some of that yogurt!).

Monday- S
Good Grub (Trim Healthy Table, page 64) with veggies
XO: Sprouted bread, sweet potato, or fruit

Lentil Soup (Mrs.Criddles Kitchen), maybe diced chicken on the side.
XO: Cheese on top

Brown rice and Split chicken (Pressure Cooker chicken and rice), veggies
It is already a crossover. You could use boneless, skinless chicken to make it an E.

Thursday- S
Brats ratatouille
This isn't a recipe in a book.  I saw it on a post.  It's essentially brats, sweet sausage, crushed tomatoes, garlic with heaps of veggies roasted for like 50 minutes? It is amazingly super good. Husband will probably hate it. I think he picked off the brats out of his.
XO: Have this with your favorite e carb like rice or quinoa, or I guess any E bread because of the liquidy stuff at the bottom.

Friday- S
John's curry with rice (Chicken Curry)
This is a super heavy meal. You could make it a XO with brown basamati.  I will decide if I will make it a XO or not for that meal. If not I will eat it over caulirice.

XO: Add cheese!

Sunday- FP
Pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy, veggies
S: Your favorite s veggies
E: Your favorite E carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, or what not.
XO: All of the above!

My goals this week is to drink more water, exercise daily, and stay on plan. Sippers will be singing canary.  Mostly just true lemon lemonade packet in a quart jar and water. Although with this cold, I was drinking the vitamin zero waters. I do have bone broth to sip on if I feel sick.

Some veggies I always stock my cart with when I grocery shop: canned green beans, steamable broccoli, okra, mirepoix mix, romaine and iceberg lettuce, and cauliflower. I will add others as there are sales and as I crave stuff.

Comment down below if this has helped you!


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