Meal plan for 2/25-3/3

Welcome back!  How was your week of healthy eating? I would say I have been 95% on plan but lately weekends have been messing me up badly.

When I looked at the sale prices, Sav a Lot has pork ribs and previously frozen chicken breasts on sale. Kroger has a 3 lb beef chub for under 6 dollars. This is making me think I should try the autumn chicken curry (lots of leftovers), make ahead meatballs to freeze, and such.

My go to breakfasts for the last week have been Kate's Spinach Egg (low carb). I did try to make breakfast quinoa after a day of no carbs. It wasn't as dry as I prefer. I definitely prefer dry oatmeal and quinoa in the mornings. I am thinking of trying to use more egg whites even on my s day to try to help save some calories. Although I still haven't made the baked oatmeal.

Lunches are always some sort of leftovers. If I do make the autumn curry chicken, I will have lots of days worth of FPs that I can change to low carb or healthy carb meals. Although I saw the okra lover's soup on the FB group and I might see if I can convert that into a delicious S meal with italian sausage. Since the okra lover's soup has oats, I cannot make it for Keto husband. Some other lunches I want to make is salmon patties and hope that it doesn't make the house smell. I'm technically not supposed to ever make them. I got a hankering though.

Snacks are not ever planned. I make these grandiose plans for snacks like FP oatmeal cookie bowl, mousse or what not. I never do. I do make sure I have plenty of options available for quick snacks. Like last night I made the quick yogurt bowl. I need to get more cottage cheese. There is a quickie bowl on Briana's website that I think will be a great quick snack if needed.

I love being able to have more freedom for crossovers. Sometimes it is so simple to use non-THM recipes for instant crossovers. Like tonight those leg quarters, I will be making this recipe: Pressure Cooker rice and Chicken which I loved before THM. A lot of my pre-THM recipes were noodles and Budget Bytes recipes. Even converted they are XOs.

Remember, if you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library. They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion (like my splenda coffee this afternoon).

Here is my meal plan. I probably will not mention my breakfasts after the first day and lunches.


Either S with eggs and veggies or a carb based oatmeal or quinoa like I explained up there.

Leftovers or one of those quickie lunch items that I keep on hand.

Ribs. I use a sugar free seasoning called Butt Rub and I don't feel the need to use BBQ sauce. I will probably have to find one or by the splenda version for my husband. (Instant pot recipe)
Maybe an offplan item for the kids


 Autumn Chicken curry (linked above)
Since this is a FP, I will probably swing it as a low carb meal or a carb-conscious meal as I feel. Veggies on the side will depend on that choice. When you have a keto husband, FP meals reign king as you get sick of S meals all the time at dinner. Usually my easy carbs will be rice or fruits.


Meatballs: I haven't decided on what I will do with the meatballs. I was thinking of the Rice and meatballs recipe from Trim Healthy Table. Since Wednesdays are my husband's days off, this is a great time to prep all that meat for some freezer meatballs. Hopefully no children will break my dishes trying to get at them!
Veggies on the side.


Fuel pull tenderloin with mushroom gravy


Chicken drumsticks from freezer.


Mommy's meatloaf, veggies on the side, offplan sides for the kids. I have to feed 2 man size appetites on this day. So I bulk up the meals with offplan items for the other kids. I will have to change the oats to baking blend because husband is on keto.


Whoop whoop soup (or this might be placed somewhere after autumn curry. I don't want to cook for husband that night and my preschooler loves this soup!)

So far, I have gotten about 8 lbs of ribs and 5 lbs of chicken. Along with a few other items, it came up as 25 lbs. I think the beef chubs will be about 20 dollars, sausage at walmart I can find for $2 if they have it. My guess the rest of my shopping will be about...50-60 more dollars. I am blessed to have WIC right now. So I will also need to get the rest of my WIC items. I have 2 lbs of cheese to get, 2 dozen eggs, 108 oz breakfast cereal (not on plan), beans, peanut butter, canned fish (I wish they would get salmon!), bread, pediasure, yogurt (I strain for greek), and sometimes I will get the kids juice.

Curious about my THM mainstays on my shopping list? Egg whites, eggs, veggies (either fresh or frozen), strawberries (frozen or fresh depending on my life at the moment), pre made hard boiled eggs, bananas, oats (when I cook them a lot), half/half, and heavy whipping cream, and probably a bit more. Things like bread I don't usually need to buy but two times a month. When I shop the stores, I shop mainly the perimeter of the store. I could even do a whole blog/vlog about that!

How was my week other than eating? I feel like it was amazing for me! I have exercised at least 10 minutes every day except for on Sunday. I have started using some DVDs I have had for years. I wish I had done them sooner!

What would you like to see on my blog or even my blog? Tell me all your thoughts!

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