Meal plan....

Welcome back if you are a returning visitor. My husband is starting keto this week which makes things harder for me, especially wanting to do this on a budget. I find it nigh impossible. The basic meal plan this week is Keto Lasagna on Sunday, Chicken fried double rice on Monday, sirloin pork roast, pork sirloin steaks, leg quarters, pizza casserole, buffalo chicken tenderloins, and chicken drumsticks. Although I thought I was supposed to make FP tenderloin this week since I didn’t last week. It’s in my freezer teasing me!


I have been loving the Kate’s Spinach eggs from Briana’s blog. Although I forgot to get spinach this week. So I may try to scrounge up some different veggies to cook for breakfast. So there is a high chance eggs + sausage + mystery veggie.

I will be eating at Logan’s with my mom for lunch. It’s easiest to eat low carb when out and about. I avoid most Chinese, pizza, and Italian. Steak places are the easiest. Although I will do a XO at BD’s Mongolian grill.

Dinner...who knows?
So, I will probably get a meal to go for my husband. So I can make anything I want. I might make an e like double fried chicken rice or something simple like a XO egg sandwich.


If I don’t make s style breakfast, like eggs and sausage, maybe I will do oatmeal. Maybe I will run to the store and grab a bag of spinach.

I am hoping I actually cook the DFCR which will give me 3 days of leftovers for lunch!

Pork sirloin roast is on sale at Save a Lot. So I bought a pack. I don’t really know what I will do with it. Most likely this will be a meat +veggies on the side night. I just googled a recipe that seems feasible with my current spices. So I might bake it in the over.


Breakfast will either be an s (eggs) or an e (oatmeal). Remember it’s easy to make oatmeal a XO by adding add ins or a full egg in the mix.

CFDR leftovers

Pork sirloin steaks were on sale. I bought 7. I think hubby will grill them and then veggies on the side.


Breakfast...S or E
Either eggs or oatmeal. Although last week I did try Briana’s detox porridge!

Lunch...E or S
Leftovers of some sort

Leg quarters.  There are lots of recipes you can use in the THM cookbooks that use bone-in chicken. I might just try a few new ways to cook this and not try a specific THM recipe. Husband has been complaining that I can’t make bone in chicken well.


Breakfast is the same S or E options. I am a simple girl!

Lunch is another leftovers option

Pizza Casserole from Briana’s cookbook. I am hoping he will actually like it this time. I liked it. Kids did not.


Either S or E option

S leftovers most likely

Buffalo chicken tenderloins with a veggie option on the side.


S or E breakfast options as mentioned above

S leftovers

Chicken drumsticks (maybe the sweet n spicy recipe from THT)

I don't plan snacks. Sometimes it might be a shake, beauty milk, cheese, whatever. I have been laying in bed till 10 which kind of makes a snack impossible if you keep to 2.5-4 hours. I am at 3 hours most days.

This past week I was 85% on plan. I rocked it!  I have counted calories on iTrackBites and having a great time. I have exercised every day so far.  I plan to keep that up! I am also experimenting with a coconut clusters recipe.

I hope you have a great week and I hope this helps you out a bit.


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