Quick Overview of this week

I am hitting week 5 of another cold! To say the least, I didn't do well with my meal planning our putting this list out before the weekend. I wound up not using a lot of the meals I planned last week. 

THM-XO: Strawberries, sausage, egg, and BAM cake

Quickly, my meals this week will be Briana's pizza casserole (husband was not a fan), low carb spaghetti from the website, mexican rice casserole, lentil soup, chicken drumsticks (from my freezer), preseasoned chicken (from my freezer). 

It is now Wednesday and I only have cooked one on plan dinner. It was the Briana's pizza casserole and husband was not a fan. The leftovers will be my lunch in a few hours. I am thinking of low carb spaghetti tonight. I need to defrost my meat.

I am craving Briana's baked oatmeal. I just haven't made it yet. Most of my mornings have been heavy s or a xo. I still need to improve on my veggies but this cold is killing. I cannot taste anything at all. I also have BAM cake in the freezer for a quick sort of snack or addition to my breakfast

What am I sipping? I am trying out the boost juice. I thought it was a blender recipe. Maybe I am thinking of a boost juice version 2 or something. So color me surprised when I saw it was even simpler than the singing canary. It is also helping my nausea at times. So winner. I also have been drinking some of those zero vitamin waters with the extra vitamins in them.  

I am working on next week's meal plan/budget. Hoping to keep it down to 50 dollars because of the THM sale. I wanted to try the THM stevia, I needed more baobab, and there was something else I got. Although my toddler dumped my nutritional yeast. I wish I remembered to get that too. Strawberry whey because I have been craving strawberry milk. I really didn't need that. 

I hope this helps you!

Suzanne Bowen Fitness-If you know me, you know I love barre! I believe SBF is one of the best streaming platforms for the best price. I love the high quality of the Barreamped DVDs and more.
iTrackBites-I know THM isn't about tracking but I am loving using iTrackBites to make sure I am eating enough to fuel my day. Points, calories, or macros, it's all there!