Quickie meal plan for Spring Break

Hello! This will be a quick and dirty version of my usual meal plans.
 As of right now, I am thinking of these meals:
Spring break: Tuesday Tootsie bell burrito night 289
 Wednesday: Gumbo
 Thursday: Brats and hot dogs Chips/veggies
 Friday: FP tenderloin Mushroom gravy Veggies
 Saturday: Chili Sunday: Crockpot buffalo chicken
 Lunches: Sandwiches with veggies, leftovers (hahaha, not with 1 extra mouth that eats like a man), FP or S favorites for lunches like ramen or egg drop soup.
 Breakfasts: Eggs/veggies or oatmeal made into a crossover. This weekend, I am planning to take mouth watering meringues, green peppers cut up, and ultimate e bars. I also plan to take my chocolate stevia-sweetened whey isolate, trimmies and boost juice premade in little cups. Tomorrow will be a busy day trying to pack that is for sure! Hopefully next week will be more normal. Sorry for this quick post.