THM Meet Up!


A bit of the decorations
This blog post will be a little bit different than my normal ones. On Saturday, 3/9/2019, I was blessed to go to a THM Spring Meet and Greet hosted by From Caterpiller to Butterfly THM Coach, Magaly. She's also an admin in the fuel cycle and THM workins group.

Brought myself a fat strippin' frappa since I had just finished working out. Super fluffy!
On my way (which is just a 15 minute drive)
It started with prayer once everyone was there. Magaly introduced her speakers to give testimony on how THM has worked for them. It was great because these were real people who have dealt with real issues. They aren't perfect and one person admitted she will get off plan if things go awry. It was so inspiring and amazing. They also shared their tips. Their biggest tip was meal planning. The three speakers were: Tanya (you may recognize her from the workins groups), Meredith and Jennifer. Their stories were so inspiring. Not everyone's life is perfect and yours doesn't have to be to follow Trim Healthy Mama.

After that, we ate! I was starving. The frappa that I brought wasn't enough and I was starving! I was first in line. Usually I would be embarrassed by this but pregnant lady has to eat! By the way, this frappa was so silky smooth. I did it one ice cube at a time. Usually I have chunks I don't really want.

 It was so nice to be able to dig in without doing math or mental gymnastics. Most of it was probably S. The sausage balls filled my pregnant soul with joy! Although I am not sure if non pregnant I would have enjoyed the custard squares. It's hard to tell what is just a pregnancy texture issue or normal food issue. I did enjoy the chocolatey-cake-or-brownies. It would have been awesome to have labels by everything.

It was so fun to be able to dig in without guilt or mental gymnastics!
After that, Magaly explained her recent coaching service for a spring challenge that she is offering. I'm pregnant and my husband even said that I am "rocking this without any help." Sometimes he can be pretty sweet! After that, some people shared their tips or testimonies. I shared how I lost 65ish pounds on THM in the last year. I realized that THM has been almost the easiest and longest diet I have been on. It just seems so natural. Some people shared their tips was simple meals, prepping stuff in jars for leftovers, and how THM has healed their body. I can't really remember all the names. I was able to meet a local THMer after wards. I left a little bit after that. My head was pounding and I am pretty sure it's because I needed an E meal like desperate. Usually when I am in an S rut while nursing, it hits me like dizzy spells and pounding headaches.

I have grown out of my shell in the last 6-7 years but I realized it is still hard not to be shy in some circumstances. I probably barely talked to anyone. Also it doesn't help I am feeling very fat today. A shirt I bought four months ago that used to make me look awesome made me look super fat. Would look cute if I ever had a real bump! Sad thing is I started the day feeling awesome and skinny for a pregnant lady in my XL workout clothes after doing the workins. If I just looked pregnant, I would feel so much better about myself. I just look fatter usually.

If you ever have a chance to attend a meeting like this, you definitely should! It was so fun!
Today's workout was Handies with Glow Body PT arms/muffin top

I hope this helps!

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