THM Meal Plan 5/19-5/26

Hello again, my friends! I tried to start writing this last night because I knew Friday would be crazy. My surface was super dead and I couldn't even start it.

Crab Boil
This week I have mostly been on plan. My mom and I checked out a new restaurant. I did try the seafood bread, a few bites of okra and a hushpuppy. Other than that, my main meal was an on plan XO as much as I know regarding going out food. Other than that, I have had at least one or two days where I have struggled with staying decently feeling okay for 2.5 hours. The other day I had to have a local honey stick just to make it to dinner. Although I count it as the medicinal amounts we are allowed in THM.  I am having to sub way more in the Glow Body PT program.

I have already did my grocery shopping. So I can actually show you my groceries! You may think that I pictured milk in my own plan picture of foods. I use 1% WIC milk to make FP milk kefir. You may also see that I have a full fat kefir. They had no low fat today. I can only get the low fat plain at Kroger. So I got the full fat. I guess....S Yuck yums for me this week!

My THM shopping trip
Ibotta: I didn't check out much of iBotta before I left. It kind of fell out of my mind. While I was standing in line, I did check a few of the items off like Lifeway Kefir and reddi whip topping.

Sales this week:
ground beef, whole chicken fryer, and pork boston butt. There were also more deals like mio (husband), Core free friday download, strawberries, zucchini, yellow squash, blueberries, oscar meyer hot dogs, wright bacon. There is an amazing deal on Prego(also on ibotta). I did find some sale deals and clearance items. Mostly for the kids.
Sav a lot:  Pork chops were 1.ish a lb but I didn't get those this week.

E meal: oatmeal and veggies
Breakfast: My other son is out of school this week. So we will start doing more oatmeal in the mornings. He loves oatmeal and I feel like it's cheaper/quicker overall. Occasionally, I might change things up with some eggs/veggies. He also loves THM approved gravy! I did make that this morning using the cheapest sausage from Kroger. That sausage is so greasy and makes it hard to make anything. It is super frustrating. I love using my instant pot for oatmeal. I need to start making more than a full cup of oatmeal because he eats so much now! Last summer 1 cup was perfect for both kids, myself with some leftovers.
Not leftovers: E: deli meat, breakfast veggies, popcorn

Lunches: My lunches tend to be leftovers. If they are not, I have been trying for more e meals. I always have a couple options available to me. If you have noticed (if you follow my IG), I sautee a lot of veggies at breakfast. If I have too many that I cut up, I will save for my lunch or dinner. I just spray the pan, throw them on, do my thing, and flip them around sometimes. Season as I like. You may notice I am avoiding brown rice unless I plan to do a XO meal.

Some of the snacks I have been enjoying or should enjoy more (since I have 3 tubs of yogurt): yogurt sweetie bowls of some sort, meat/cheese when I am out and about, cottage cheese. My snacks aren't really ornate really. The other day my snack was a FP Epic meat bar.

If you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library and bought the Table book. I searched youtube for real testimonies on the plan.   They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion.

Meal Plan:
Quinoa  goes cajun, pg 69 (I think). I have the digital version of the THMC. Usually I choose to use the Dirt-E-Rice version on the Coers blog. I am trying quinoa out to see how my sugars do for this meal. This is gonna be a freezer meal for me since I didn't buy lean meat this week.

Carnitas, using the pork boston butt. Veggies for me. Regular wraps for my kids and either low carb wraps or wonder wraps for myself. Or on a giant salad.

Actually I planned it for this week but I will probably scoot it to this weekend. I know the carnitas will make a ton to feed my stepson and rest of the family. But I am sharing it with you now! I am still trying to find my favorite carnitas version of a recipe. So I will flip whatever I didn't make this week for this meal.

Mommy's meatloaf. Mashed potatoes for the kids. Veggies for me

Sour cream beef enchiladas, this will be a new recipe for me to try.

Freezer surprise. So most likely drumsticks. I still have those in my freezer

Trim Mac Salad.

Basically this is something using ground beef. I am not sure I will be making mommy's meatloaf this week and it seems crazy to have it again and again. So I am thinking taco soup, keto taco pie or something like that. Those are all things I should have all the stuff for right now.

My goals this week is to stay on plan 95%. I will have a date this week and I really don't know where or what we will be doing. I will be on week 29 of the Glow body program but I will be subbing barre or workins for some days. I feel like I am having to be more puristy just because of my blood sugars some days. Yoga is definitely helping with my hips lately. I haven't done it in a few days and I can feel it. I've also found out I need a GGMS in the evening because of heartburn. I put it in the boosted lemonade though.

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