Camping Plan for THM

This past  week I went camping. I feel like my circumstances are a bit unique. When I search the groups or online, all the THMers seem to have campfires or RVs. Nope. I am car camping with two kids and a single burner unit. This was my gameplan!

shakshouka XO
skyline chili S using dreamfields
smoked kielbasa, veggies, cooked in skillet, XO. I don't have a recipe. Just throwing it in a skillet and shrugging.

I actually left my skillet at home. So I had to use the spaghetti pot. It was a bit crazy and weird.

oatmeal with eggs- XO (ran out of eggs but I had thrown collagen in the baggie and we left early)
Eggs, sausage and veggies, S
I wound up having just scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and veggies most morning.

Frozen leftover carnita meat on wraps or sprouted bread deli meat sandwich, cheese,  with veggies and fruits, XO
Peanut butter and jelly and veggies, XO (I forgot my bread, so no PB for me)

One day, I had Jimmy Dean's protein pack with yogurt, S
My lunches were the days that I did most of the XOs/Shelpers.

yogurt and fruit
wasa, LCC, pepperonis
babybels/babybel ropes
hardboiled eggs
Beef jerky or sticks
Collagen drinks

Some personal choice items:
ONE bar
Quest cookies
RX bar
Super coffee but it was super gross! I wouldn't recommend.

I stayed 90% on plan and I call that a success! Do you like camping? How do you stay on plan while camping?


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