THM Meal Plan 7/1-7/7

Hello! Welcome back!

This week was a much better week for me. The scale is being kinder. I swear, I just look at offplan foods and gain a lb at the least. I don't feel like I have been so motivated to workout. I started to at least try to get 9k steps a few times a week. Although my fitbit died today so after I hit 3k steps, I have no clue what today is like. I wrote that sentence and then ate off plan for dinner that night. The bulk of my dinner was on plan. I just love quac so much right now. I ate my weight in it! Today has been a really bad snacking day. When they say sleep is important, they aren't wrong!

My husband is going to start keto again this week. So we will see how well that will go. If I go into labor in the next few weeks, he won't. This week has been plagued with being lazy and obviously with my late post, it's everywhere!  I've been feeling a bit uterus-achey which has affected my movement. If I was past 36 weeks, I wouldn't worry so much.

Breakfast: I have been obsessed with sautéed kale with eggs and bacon. Actually, I have had that meal for half my meals.  I haven't done much in e meals other than adding one slice of sprouted bread with breakfast a few times this week. This week I might experiment with baked eggs in the air fryer. I tried a recipe today but cooked it too long. I did try the buttah pancakes from the first cookbook and I felt they were dry. I might have to try a different keto recipe for pancakes.

Lunch: Lunch is usually leftovers. If not, I have been having eggs, bacon and kale. A lot of meals are making me feel icky. Eggs and bacon don't for some reason. I made sausage balls this weekend. I was only able to get 60 out of them. I am not sure if there will be any left for lunch tomorrow. I've been trying to do my XOs or shelpers at lunch or breakfast.

Snacks: Yogurt, yuck yum or kefir shakes. Last week, I snacked on bacon leftover from breakfast a lot. I might make faux starbucks egg bites since I have so much bacon.

Deals of the week: Nothing really. I will be getting Nathan's hot dogs. Well, I went shopping and got some ground beef. I might get porkchops from Sav a Lot later in the week before the new sales ad.

Whoop whoop soup, THT/chicken breast salad for husband
Budget friendly!
Low on special ingredients.

Pork chops and veggies

Good grub, THT. This isn't my favorite but my husband did like it (but doesn't remember it).

Actually it's fourth of July. I will be at my mother in law's. I am bring Briana's mac and cheese. If not, I was making keto hot dogs

Crack chicken on a salad

Pizza Casserole, THT. I am adding a lot of yummy meats into this. Italian ground beef, diced ham, etc.

Fryer chicken and salad/veggies
Budget friendly (although I can never make this stretch like other people)

Exercise: The new workins challenge is starting this week. So I plan to do that. I still need to walk 30 more miles before baby. It's been hard on my achier/cramping days to exercise, like I mentioned before.

I have been forgetting to post on IG this week. If you follow, I am so sorry! I take the pics and forget to post.


Hope this helps!

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