THM meal plan June 24-June 30

Hello! Welcome back.

This week has been a big struggle for me. I have really noticed that if I don't have a XO or Shelper midday, I will veer off plan. I have been off plan a few times this week. Or eaten way too much on plan items. Sorry about the late blog post!

If you follow me on IG, I may start incorporating dates in my diet. Yes, it's a few weeks early but I am known to go 2 weeks late. So I may need to start this a bit earlier. Not every day but a few times a week. I had an RX bar this week which is 2 dates. I need to increase my red raspberry leaf tea, too. I can't believe it's only 7 weeks away till my due date.

Breakfasts: I have been alternating eggs with sausage and veggies, omelette and a protein/fat packed oatmeal this week. I need to maximize the fats in my oatmeal to make sure that my sugars stay good. I still haven't made breakfast gravy even though I planned it this week. Eggs are on sale at Kroger. So I am going to grab them while they are hot! I really need to explore more egg recipes. Maybe I need to make a breakfast casserole that the boys and I can enjoy all week?

Lunch: Leftovers. Or deli meat sandwiches with veggies. I feel like this week I have been hurting for leftovers/lunches. I really want to try the West African Curry from the big THM book. I have tons of salmon to use.

Snacks:  Yogurt, yuck yum and random stuff in my fridge.

Deals this week:
Sav a Lot: Porkchops and fryer chickens. I haven't been to Sav a lot yet. I will probably do that Tuesday morning.
Kroger: eggs, peaches, berries, real good foods buy 1 get 1 free, kroger cheese, smithfield bacon. I stocked up on a ton of bacon!
Ibotta: halotop, kefi, reddiwhip, true lemon packets, ON protein powder, zevia, high brew coffee.


Sour cream chicken enchiladas, veggies

Instant pot Chicken, veggies. I may make mac and cheese for my non THM family.

Spaghetti, I already have sugar free sauce. So I plan to bulk it up with okra and hacked beef.

Porkchops, veggies

tuna patties/salmon patties
Peppers and smoked sausage

Tootsie bell burritos, THT

peppers and sausage, no real recipe here. Just throwing stuff in a skillet

Exercise: I really need to work on my miles before baby. This week I have had a couple rest days. I am definitely a bit slower right now. Or my fitbit is off on steps. I did a "4 mile walk" and I didn't hit my steps that I usually get. So now I guess I will only count 1 mile of a 2 mile dvd. Should I do another walk challenge? I have 35 miles to go before baby!
Workins Let's Play Ball


Hope this helps!

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