THM Meal Plan


I quickly went shopping today and this will be a quickie meal plan for this week. I was about 90% on plan when I was camping. I did about 15k steps every day I was camping.

Breakfast: My kids are demanding eggs most days. Although when I was at the store, I did get some sausage to make gravy. I also want to try this recipe. I am also planning to test my sugars more this week and maybe make a video for my channel.

Lunches: Lunches tend to be leftovers. Today I grabbed a salad on clearance at Walmart and made a XO sandwich with cheese and deli meat. Part of this week will probably be carnita meat. Wonder how I can repurpose that more than tacos? I might be doing more XOs at lunch or breakfast
One of my camping meals

Snacks: Yogurt, lunch meat with cheese, or maybe some frozen treat I have in my freezer. I haven't been doing snacks lately. I also need to do more yuck yums for the baby/good flora. I really need to make donuts though!

Deals I grabbed this week: Kroger: those keto pizzas were buy one get one free with ibotta rebate! Stocking up if I can. Ground beef and chicken was on sale. Grapes and strawberries were an amazing deal this week.  Nathan's hot dogs were also buy one get one free.

Love carnitas now!


Monday:I never made that pork roast from last week. I started it too late yesterday. So I warmed it up in the oven, broiled it with spices. I had with with bell peppers/salsa/cheese dip, jicama fries (which were gross but maybe it was me?).

Carnitas/S meal

Mommy's meatloaf with veggies, S meal

Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken from the THT book, THM S

Sausage balls, veggies on the side. Yeah, another one I never made last week.

Hoping leftovers. If not, pot sticker patties from the first cookbook.

Tootsie bell burritos (and I finally found pickled jalopenos!), THT cookbook

I actually forgot this day. But I found a great deal on hot dogs. So it may be hot dog night. I will eat Nathan's and the kids have some I got a while back.

Exercise wise, I plan to do more Workins, barre and Jessica Smith videos. I will try to do more walks. I still have about 42 miles left before baby.


Hope this helps!

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