Tabata Your Face!

Did you know you use a lot of leg muscles to hoop?  Yeah.  Wanna know how I know?  Cause I did a set of 8 tabatas two days ago. Tabatas are a style of exercise to go as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10.  It's hard.  I did 8 sets of squats.  I'm still feeling it today.  Yeah, I couldn't really waist hoop at this point cause of it.  It hurts.  So I did some minis.  I just play with switching to my thumb to hand. I'm getting better though!   

I also played with the water hoops at Walmart.  Let me tell you what, those are so egh! Egh!  I started to hear an employee scream something.  I was afraid I was in trouble.  Evidently, I wasn't in trouble.  At first though, I ran and threw it back. 

I got my oil changed.  While I waited, I did this:

(And the car's battery is fine.  I had zero oil and need a tune up.  It was the heavy rains causing condensation in my engine that was making it not start)

This hoop is for my friend, Laurie.  I took her to my first hoop class with me.  She's the fantastic person who's been giving me rides to work.  She will also be going with me to hoop path.

And news on Hoop Path.  My husband does not like it.  I told him either I pay for two days of Gen Con plus one night of room or $200 worth of gaming stuffs.  He told me he'd think about it.  Did you know that gaming convention tickets for four days is more expensive than Hoop Path with combined expenses?  Laurie and I both put in for Hoop Path today.  I hope, especially since we are both on different units now, that we will get our days off.  I just worry since it's two CNAs wanting the same days off and staffing will be an issue.  And it's like 6 days off, but only 3-4 of our work days cause usually Wednesday/Thursday and Monday is our off days.  Especially weekends.  Although not much worries for her because weekends are high staffed on Roosevelt now, unless they fire people. I am slightly worried people will drop out of it, therefore making it not as cheap as I wanted. 

Do I have anything amazing and hoop worthy to add to take your hooping to the next level?  Nope.  Although I am annoyed I can never find Lasco brand 3/4 connectors at Ace right now. :(