Yeah, Caraleeena is coming to Cincinnati.  That's close enough that I can actually go.  Although I still haven't found anyone I can go with.  I guess I may be going alone.  I think with my recent hooping events near me means that I am totally meant to hoop.  It's a convergence of "Shannon, don't give up. Keep hooping it up!"

 I'll be going to the beginning/intermediate class because with my impending reception and potential chance to go to Keeneland for the first time in my life, I can't go to the 7th.  I guess I'm not ready for teacher certification (one day I will be!).  I asked her on facebook what the beginning class would cover.  I hope to be able learn something new or perfect something I've been working on.  I'm just half leery since the next day continues what is started on Friday.  Which makes me scared that the new stuff for me would be on Saturday, the day I cannot go.  Either way meeting Caraleeena would be amazing!  And I love how one comment on the class says, "learn to flow and groove with your hoop."  Yes, please!


  1. Oh, that's so exciting! You have to go :D I think even if she is teaching stuff you already know, it will still be beneficial, and you will get lots of a-ha moments as you learn to move differently and challenge yourself within the moves you already are comfortable doing. That's how it was when I was learning from Safire that one day. We waist hooped almost the whole time, but wow did she make it difficult. Definitely go!! What an opportunity. I'd love to meet Caroleeena.

  2. This was her response: Each class is sculpted to the skills of the people in it and I include stuff for people of all skill levels: In the first intro class is an intro to core and hand hooping (planes, physics, posture, breathing, balance with a bit of intro to ...dance and what do I do with my hands while core hooping) as well as traveling and tosses. The second explores transitions between planes, shifting your axis from horizontal to vertical, traveling, contact hooping, many more dance concepts, step-throughs, jump throughs and tricks. The Intermediate to Advanced is going to have more advanced tosses and rolls, hooping on the feet and legs and rhythmic gymnastics tricks, more dance concepts, transitions exercises to maximize flow, dance exercises to maximize dance, twin work and contact work. My classes are PACKED with information! I recommend coming to as many as you can and bringing a notebook or even a video camera to help you remember all that we cover.

    I wish I could go to both SO bad. UGHHHHHHHHH. I hope she comes back!


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