An Oops of Epic Porportions...

Do you realize what that picture is?  That is two hoops connected together.  I had to drop the hoop to reheat the water.  When I picked it up again, I slipped it in another hoop.  I didn't realize this till I had fixed the hoop.  In a panic, I had to rip it apart.

The reason my water was cold is cause I don't like to make them in the kitchen.  I take a mug of hot, hot water and make my hoops.  My latest foray taught me a few things: make sure you have enough connectors (I barely had enough and Walmart doesn't have them).  Different tapes feel different.  I just tried my tape from discount hoop supply tape.  It feels and lays different than the other (identitape).  To make a large hoop, it takes 12 feet which is great cause I might need to know that to get some 100 psi from ACE. They sell by the foot.

If I learned anything else, I forgot it. 

How many hoops should I provide to a big reception full of 60-70 people?  I have 6 made/making, 4 personal ones that I don't use anymore/at all.  So that's a grand total of 11 hoops.  I can make a few out of 1 inch psi but I would only use duct tape to cover those.


  1. I've totally connected the wrong hoops before - SOOO irritating esp. when you are low on connectors!!

  2. LOL I thought you were going to hoop with the giant hoop and show us a video ;)


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