Hoopdancer versus Hooper

Hoopdancer vs Hooper

Most of you don't realize that over the last few weeks when many people were complimenting me, I was internalizing: "Uh, I suck."  It wasn't till I wrote Plus Size Hooping where I included my progression videos that I really could see my progress.  That's when it hit me that I have grown as a hooper. 

That word...hooper.  I really didn't believe I was a "hooper" till I left Caraleeena's class.  I just felt like a fraud.  The moment I walked out of that class I was like, "Now, I feel like a hooper."  Yet out of all that I still don't feel like I'm a hoopdancer or that I hoopdance.  What is the difference between the two and how do I find my inner hoopdance?

My personal definitiions seem to be:
Hooper - [hoo-per] -noun- a person who can do many skilled tricks with a hula hoop.

Hoopdancer- [hoop-dans]-noun- 1. a person who can do tricks and dance with their hoop like it is their partner
2.  a person who performs their hooping routine rhythmically with  music.
3. a person who performs their hooping in a flowing manner

I just don't feel like I'm dancing with my hoop.  Maybe this comes with the fact that I can't dance.  I really can't.  My form of dance is "interpretive" and "jumping up and down."  So how do I put my lack of dance skills into my hoopdance?  The things that I would like to do while hooping never flow out of me as I hoop when I do try to dance.  

Is this because I do not have flow?  Hell, I don't even know what flow is and why is this the thing we are wanting to achieve?  That is why I always say groove.  If I have a groove with my hoop, then, it's just coming out.  I'm having fun, we are making invisible music together, and I can mess with stuff.  To acheive groove seems so much more attainable than to achieve floooooow.  Flow seems like this thing that may never happen for me.

Some random online dictionary says flow is to proceed continuously and smoothly.  I don't do any of that, so I'm not flowing.  I'm not reaching any higher spiritual plane with my hoop. So I guess I don't have flow.  I can have all the flow in my head but the moment the hoop comes in contact with my body, it all comes out.  My hoop tells me where to go.

If you have any suggestions on how you put dance in your hoop, tell me.  I'm all ears.


  1. I think you have flow. And I think grooving with your hoop is your flow. You are an amazing hooper and hoopdancer. Soemtimes finding your flow takes a bit of time - but from what I've seen, you've got it. It's hard not to be down on yourself sometimes (i promise i know), but smile and be happy with your journey. you are where you are supposed to be at this moment. cultivate non comparison - don't compare yourself to others, your past self, or your future self. <3

  2. ^^ cultivate not comparison - I love that. And of course, the mantra that I use - progress not perfection.
    "1. a person who can do tricks and dance with their hoop like it is their partner" - i like this definition - I've never thought of it like that and I think that I will use this as my intention when I bust out my hoop later today :)

  3. I agree with both Kym and Paige. Keep moving forward in your practice, accept where you are right now and who you are right now. I feel exactly the same way about myself when I watch someone amazing either in person or on youtube. Keep the faith that you bring your own unique dance to the equation--a song that only your body can sing. That's what makes your dance special.

  4. Kym, I don't think I invented that. I remember someone saying that to a response to a video, I think. I saw it somewhere. Oh hold on it was one of the dorkiest things I heard on the Marisa Tomei tapes. In the context it was in, was cheeeesy (the teacher had you walk around the hoop and stare at lavishly like it was your partner...uh what?). But I think really hoopdancing, it's applicable.

    Paige, eh, I think you're right. Cause Josie has told me multiple times that I have flow which I forgot till just now. Thank you.

  5. I think everyone's forms of hoopdance are different. I'm not much of a danceer myself, but when I have a hoop in my hand & am in the right state of mind, the dance just flows through me. Stop judging yourself, and it will come easier to you!

  6. If I'm using a hoop, I'm a hooper. If I'm using a hoop and there's music playing, then I'm a hoopdancer. There's no difference in the movement for me...just the presence of music.

    That said, I began hooping both as a way to keep fit and as a replacement for ballroom dancing. I got tired of waiting for guys to ask me to dance. My hoop is always ready to be my partner. :-)


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