I am so excited!

I went to work last night and found three leave requests in my box.  I was freaking out.  I was hoping it'd be good news.  It sure was!  I got my leave request back for Flow Camp 2011.  Since I can't go to Hoop Camp 5, I'll be going there!  I wish they'd update their website with more information. I want to dive into my future flow camp fantasies!

John ordered my tent for Flow Camp. Yes, I do not have a tent. Shush!

I also may not let anyone talk to me about anything bad before I hoop. Someone called me minutes before I was about to hoop.  They said somethings that really hurt me.  I was hurt and upset.  It creeped into my hoop practice.  I wasn't feeling it.  I wasn't happy and ecstatic like I was feeling minutes before.  Don't most people hoop to get rid of their angry feelings? I couldn't do it.  And I've been probably doing a lot of "angry" hooping lately just on my own by wanting to go "as hard and as fast as I can. I want my whole everything in this."  Except when I was angry, hurt and lackluster, I couldn't do it at all.

Although I have the elbow move thingy done about 50%.  So yay?  But I also started to move in ways I never do before with the hoop which looked pretty cool on the video. So yay?  Although that behind the back roll is hard.  Maybe that is not on my to do list. So nay?

I'm also trying to decide where I want to buy my next LED.  Because I got my LED huge, I need another unless anyone knows how to shrink it and keep the LEDs in.  It's not major so I can wait.  I want an all white hoop.  I'm not sure if I want to go back with Lighted Lifestyles.  My hoop was so lackluster (even fully charged, I never saw the white) and the customer service was not what I'd like (I ordered a 56, emailed to get it shrunk down to 45 and a few weeks later I get a 56.  No email was replied to).  It seems as awesome as LL hoops are/were, they are losing business due to customer service issues.  I understand cause someone just spend $75+ on something and not to even know if it's coming sucks (I didn't even get a, hey, we mailed it email).  I'd like a cheaper option, preferably  rechargeable like LL is.  Essentially, I'm looking at troo hoops, superhooper, and I haven't seen anything else that I'd like because LL is the only lower end model that is wall rechargeable.  Although to get the number of LEDs I want, it'd be more expensive anyways.  One day, I want an atomic hoop though when I've rolled down even more hoop sizes.

And help me vote on a domain name for my blog:

  1. hoopinglove.org
  2. hooping-love.com
  3. hooplove.com


  1. hooplove.com :) Definitely the best!

    And I know what you mean about hooping when upset. I just get more upset because nothing feels right, everything is "off" and I can't do the moves I normally can. So then I get even angrier and throw my hoops in a fit, lol. It isn't a pretty sight. Picking them up when I'm in a good mood just encourages more natural expression and feels so much better.

  2. It wouldn't let me pay with paypal. Therefore I have to wait a few weeks.

    I'm finally starting to let go of those bad feelings and had an okay hoop session today (would have been better if I wasn't in pain).


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