Flow Camp Schedule is Out!

Hours of Agonizing...
Yesterday while I was stalking the Flow Camp facebook when I saw that the schedule was posted!  And here I am with my schedule.  I printed it out and agonized over what I will take. 

Remember this lovely post?  So, I had four focuses.  Hoops (especially anything to help my flow), bellydance, contact juggling, and flow wand.  Last night at work, I printed out the rosters with the class descriptions.  I poured over what I should take.  At first glance, my classes.  The primary six are lining up to let me take them! Yes!  There was so many gaps.  Like only two classes I wanted were the first day there.  That's when I opened my mind.

That meant I could add beginner poi, going beyond basics (hoop), twins/minis, hooping for health, fire safety, and urban glow string poi.  My focus classes are Breaks, Stalls, Paddles, cabaret bellydance, contact juggling, tribal bellydance, finding your hoopdance, and flow wand. I have two big gaps at 550 Friday and 440 Saturday.  

I am so excited to be doing two bellydance classes.  Of course, I'm stoked about the beginner poi.  I didn't think I'd get to do that this year. Which reminds me I need to make some sock poi.  Can I get the right type of socks from Walmart?   Although I don't know what the going beyond basics and Getting Tricky! classes will be like regarding the hoop.  I wish some of these instructors gave better introductions.  The glowsticking makes me think of that one post from Shekinah-Spin

Although speaking of that crazy chick, I showed someone her poi video and they were like, "Oh, I used to do that at raves."  I wanted to scream at him, "No, you glowsticked.  I doubt, especially knowing you that you did POI. Freaking idiot." But I didn't.  I played nice.  Aren't you proud of me? 

Regarding my block of no classes, I don't have fans or I would go to the Fan Fundamentals class. I really wish I had fans hanging around.  Unless anyone knows where to get fans for under $40.   I don't know if I'd learn anything new in Getting Tricky (which is at that time) but I might wind up going to it anyways.  At 440, there is absolutely nothing I can take.  Freedom in Flow isn't on the sheet yet.  I have no clue what it is.  One day I want to try double staff but not now.  And again, I don't have the stuffs or money. 

I am still hoping to get my best friend to come with me.  I know I'll meet people and I know I'll make friends.  I know that.  I just want someone to help me set up my tent and might hold my hand when I'm wanting to recoil back into my shell.  And I also know that my new hooping friends will be there somewhere.  You get what I'm saying though, right?  I will admit having someone there to be my photographer at times seems like a fantastic idea, too.

I guess some people that are like hoop-purests would think I'm crazy for missing other hoop related classes to do other things.  I'm not.  I mean, sure if I didn't cj, I could take single hoop.  If I didn't try beginner poi, I could do prana hoop.  I want to try it all.  This is killer.  For $80, I can take fourteen classes over different disciplines.  I mean, if I were to go to Mecca, one class is $10.  I guess if I do fancy maths, these classes are essentially $6 each and that's not including the other awesome stuff!  Did I do that math right?

I am so pumped.  If you are in the vicinity, you should think about going.