No more parking lot hooping for me.
I have some fantastic, amazing news!  Today, John and I got some great news!  Remember when I said we were looking for a duplex?  Well, John started looking for houses.  We finally found a house, applied for the loan and we got the news that it was going through!  We have till the 31st to move.  So if you don't see me online or responding, that is why.  I love you all.  I can't wait to break in the yard with my hoop. I feel so blessed and loved.  John's done all the hard work.  I only had to see 3 houses that were possibilities.  He looked at dozens.  He made sure I had a yard.  He's also given me some permission to house hoop.  He's an amazing old curmudgeon. <3

I'd also like to thank all my readers for being there for me.  Thanks! You guys are the best.  I can't wait to take my hooping, hooping blog, and so much more to the next level.  There are many things heading your way from me.  Don't worry.  It may be a crazy two weeks for me coming up but trust me, it will be so awesome.  I mentally/talk outloud potential blog posts all the time. Just for you, my friends.


  1. Oh, Shannon this is way exciting! I'm so happy you guys found a place, and moving on the 31st is so close! Eek!

  2. YAY! So happy for you! I like your pic too, btw. :)


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