I am done. I give up.  No, I don't give up on blogging nor hooping.  I'm done trying to force myself to learn stuff just because everyone else knows "this."  This diagonal hooping thing has me in the dumps. For real dumps.  It hurt my spirit so much.  I have hooped in a while and I guess it's cause I feel like a failure.  Although I don't truly give up in that sense.  I will start working on hip hooping because Paige feels like that may help me achieve this move.  Paige mentioned to another girl that it took her 3 years to achieve chest hooping.  Maybe it will take more than six months hooping to achieve that.  I'm done sticking in someone else's box.  I'm going to make my own box.  I will focus on what I love although this new 30/30 will be dedicated to 15+ minutes of hip hooping.

I'm also hoping to get 18 dollars more in my paypal to order the Blooming 2.  Tonight I go to Louisville for Ann Humprhey's class. I can only go to that one day though.  Hopefully this will be a great kick off for 30/30.

I am also trying to start hooping classes.  Although I'm not sure if Tammcorr will want me since I am not certified or insured.  Who wants to pay for personal trainer certifications or insurance?  Anyone want to test out a class for me via private youtube links?

The puppy is also still taking a lot of my time.  I'm sorry friends!  I haven't even worked overtime lately!



  1. Ya, there have been a few things I skipped over because I can't do it and realized I just didn't want to do it badly enough anyway even though I technically should "know how". The learning process is supposed to be fun.. I have a personal rule that if it isn't feeling fun or like I'm not making any progress, scrap it and move onto something I'll enjoy. Or at least modify it because who says there is a right way to do it anyway?

    I think you are right to give it up, at least for now. Who knows, maybe some day it will just click, and you'll find yourself doing it without even trying :)

  2. Sometimes you just have to skip over trying to force yourself to learn something... there have been a few things (chest hooping included) that stumped me, then later I'll be dancing around and realize HEY IM DOING IT! Good luck with your continued learning!


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