Hoopnotica in Kentucky!

For the past few months after seeing a post from Hoopnotica, I offered to host a training.  I figured I could compare the BodyHoops program versus the Hoopnotica teacher training.  Either way, I would help spread hooping to the bluegrass region and prove that central Kentucky is imperative to a strong hoop community.  One girl I know would rather come to central Kentucky than Louisville.  Louisville for some parts of Kentucky is like another state.  For real.  I waited an hour and a half, starving and needing to wee, to reserve the building in my county.  We have a very limited places to do that sort of thing.  I got the first weekend I wanted. My contact at Hoopnotica put it in the calender. 

So, officially, Hoopnotica is coming to Kentucky! 
(caculations based on mid state unless otherwise noted to Lexington, Kentucky)
If you live in St. Louis, it's six hours away.
If you live in West Virginia, it's four hours away.
If you live in Ohio, it's a three hours away.
If you live in Indiana, it's three hours away.
If you live in Tennessee, it's four hours away.

If you have ever wanted to invest in yourself with a Hoopnotica Teacher Training in person and you're near Kentucky, come on down***!  If you sign up this weekend, you can get 10% off using the code from the recent Hoopnotica.  There is a local airport in Lexington, Kentucky!  If you need more info about the area, message me and I can get you rolling on food, hotels and fun stuff to see in the area!

Hoopnotica Teacher Training Calender
May 19th-20th
At the Blue Building in gorgeous Nicholasville, Kentucky.
Facebook Event for it

Also, I'd like to remind you about this contest I'm in.  I entered a biggest loser contest a few weeks ago.  I really would love to win.

Link to video to vote on:  http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/160284/voteable_entries/39288179

Link to Facebook event you can invite others to (this worked!  I did it on my husbands facebook and bam! A few new votes):  http://www.facebook.com/events/306225239422227/

PS!  I started hooping in 2011!  Shannon for Newbie hooper of the year!

***Am I saying you have to be a certified hoopnotica instructor or anything?  No.  I'm saying if you've ever wanted to and distance was your only issue, then yay you!