Dube Haul!

This Christmas, I got an email from a fan saying they ordered a e-gift certificate for me from Dube.com (sister company to troo hoops).  They said that I inspired them so much that they felt like giving me something back.  It was so sweet.  I was blown away.  I used some of my Christmas money and this gift certificate to get some stuff from Dube.  I also used my 20% gift card for Dube.  I wound up getting:

  • Poi Spinning by Michal Kahn
  • The Professionals Guide to Fire Eating by Brian Brushwood
  • Flags set in aqua with the Axis Flow Flags Basics
  • Contact Juggling part 1

Contact Juggling part 1
I previewed this DVD and it's a bit hokey at times, especially the end with the philosophies or whatever.  But it has some of the silent practice sections like the blank ones on youtube.  But I really liked it so far.  

Flags set in aqua with the Axis Flow Flags Basics
Flags are so much fun. They feel fun and sexy and fun!  Like stunning and graceful.  The DVD was pretty decent, too.  There was a male instructor and female one.  There was always one to show the mood while one explained.  It goes through one flag moves and then the second half is two flag moves.  I've played with them a bit but nothing much.

Everything else I haven't gone through yet.  But I flipped through poi spinning and it looks great!  It even covers the 5 beat weave!  Yayness!

By the way, everyone should keep in mind about going to PlayThink this year.  Awesomness is brewing!