Monday, April 15, 2013

A Daily Dance reminder

If you follow FYEAHHOOPING, you would have seen this picture this weekend:
That is my latest set of ink to celebrate my 2 year anniversary and some other personal milestones. This was done in Lexington, KY at Bleed Blue tattoo. Jamie did the tattoo and she was fantastic. It took her about 20-30 minutes to draw/set it up and about an hour or so to tattoo it. Hooping changed my life. Even if I stopped hooping tomorrow, it would never change the fact that everything changed when I found the hoop. It's sore in a few spots but other than that I feel like it's healing fantastically. I really want the bulk of the healing to be done like now. (you hear that body, HEAL!) I only shared this on tumblr and it was featured on FYEAHHOOPING. It's also gotten about 45 notes/reblogs/likes.


  1. Hi Shannon, I am peeking through your blog, I am a bit of a chunky monkey that has to do something - and well, I thought of hooping and wanted to see if it was something I could do at my weight. Your blog is inspirational. Thank you.

  2. The people there are fantastic. The last thing I want is to go to a salsa class and be surrounded by show offs! I would just get intimidated. Some guys just wouldn't admit to it, but it's true!
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  3. Understand how to free up your pelvis, and use it to create light, effortless posture, gain more power, increase flexibility and more: you name it, dance

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