Christmas Week meal plan

This will be a small week. I am going  out of town and I will probably not focus hard on following the plan. Basically I will wing it.

Monday: E
Lentil Soup
XO: Cheese on the soup or extra fat in it.

Christmas will probably not even cook. We will have breakfast for lunch at his mother's house. Easily can make it an S meal. :)

Good Grub
XO: Bread on the side or a fruit

Wednesday: E
Xo: you could make it a XO chili or add cheese to the chili

Chicken fried double rice or whatever I don't make from the week before
XO: use whole eggs or extra fat in the stir fry

Other ideas for you for the rest of the week:
Dirt-e Rice, breakfast for dinner (frittatas or pancakes), crack chicken, egg roll in a bowl.

Breakfast will be whatever I feel like I can eat. Lunches tend to be leftovers or maybe something like a sandwich. If you wonder what I would do if I was planning to stay THM while out of town: I would have eggs/sausage for breakfast or bring oatmeal to go muffins, Lunches would be salad with some sort of meat like eggs with it, and dinner would be something easy like skyline chili with dreamfields (s), creamy lazone chicken with caulirice, and maybe another salad? Not sure really. Every time I go down, I do the week a bit different. I think one time we ate out and I got a steak!