Meal Plan 3/11-3/17

Hello again!
Is a Fat Stripping Frappa the key to preggo happiness?

This week the stomach bug hit my house hard. It started with my stepson over the weekend, toddler on Monday, Birthday Boy Preschooler on Tuesday, and Wednesday it came to a head: my husband and I. I am still in the throes of it but I am blessed with some anti-nausea meds. Plus I am hoping it's not as bad for me versus the others. The smaller kids it was mostly a 12 hour bug. I survived on plan but not on time for half of Wednesday. After I saw some crackers though, I was over it. I ate off plan and indulged.  Considering I want to keep my milk supply up and provide enough nourishment to the baby, I don't feel so bad.

My husband is off keto finally! I am so happy. I went back and read the chapter on nursing and pregnancy. Once I fully get back on plan, I plan to tweak E meals. Some of the tips for crossing mentioned using easy burning fats. I admit, I probably have been abusing cheese quite a bit. I will probably be making the fat stripping frappas and beauty milks to see if that can help me stay full after an e meal. I really feel like there is a balance that is different for every woman during this time and we have to put our detective caps on to figure it out.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may notice some crazy days coming up. My toddler will be turning two and next Saturday is the big party. I am hoping stay on plan and I have promised I will not touch a knife this time! Then again, I will restart in 3 hours if need be. Grace!

Breakfasts this week: I am still absolutely loving S meals for the morning. I am switching between Kate's Spinach Eggs and the Giant Omcake (with extra egg since I give slices to my toddler). Since my husband is off keto, this allows me to fully enjoy them s meals. I should try to lessen the number of eggs or not use as much sausage but egh! It's a hard life. Of course, I always keep some eggwhites and oatmeal on hand for a quick E meal. My preschooler asks for oatmeal some mornings! Can you believe that? My toddler will demand for more and more breakfast quinoa. Like I always say, keep this simple and keep on hand your perfect breakfasts that fit in your life. Keep an S and an E option ready at hand.

Lunches this week: Leftovers. I really need to figure out quick and easy E meals for lunch. I just haven't bought lunch meat for a while (yes, I break that rule). Although I keep wanting to try recipes from Table and cookbook that I can't make for my husband, like the salmon patties and stuff like that.

Remember, if you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library. They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion (like my splenda coffee this afternoon).

Here is my meal plan for this week (and as always my days are not set in stone):

Monday: (E)

Gumbo from Trim Healthy Table, if you want a slight cheesy taste on this, sprinkle nutritional yeast! + a frappa

Tuesday: (E)

Lentil soup with chicken on the side. If I need to XO with this one, I might add more coconut oil or something in my bowl.  + a frappa

Wednesday: (S)

Pork blade steaks (if I can catch the Sav A Lot sale) with veggies. This is a great example of not needing special ingredients. Just a meat and veg and potential carb source.

Thursday: (E)

Chicken fried double rice + a frappa

Friday: (FP, E, or S)

Black pepper chicken, if I make it an E, I will add a frappa or beauty milk

Saturday: (S)

I don't even know if I will need to cook but I was thinking after a birthday party it would be perfect to try the THT Scones and Jam recipe. I would make whole wheat for the boys instead of the special ones.


I am thinking either trim healthy soup or trim mac salad from the cookbook. I found grass fed beef on sale at kroger and got two pounds yesterday. So it's in the freezer all ready.

Exercise wise I will be following the Glow Body PT plan with some workins, SBF, barre and walks. All at home in front of a computer/TV set up. As of a few days before the stomach bug, I was 205. Higher than I would prefer. I would at least like to stay at 203 for the rest of the second trimester with exercise. I am hoping to find the right balance I need to keep my weight down at a manageable pace with THM.

Although as much as I am starting this Friday back on plan and at 203, I am eating off plan on Saturday on a date with my husband. Grace and restart in three hours! Although earlier in the day, I am getting to attend a free THM event that is in my town! I am making caramel cupcakes without the caramel sauce. I never make that. Keep things as simple as you can! 

I hope this helps!

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