THM Meal Plan 5/13-5/19


Welcome back! This week I had my GD test and it was awful. Awful as I fell off plan and then gained 5 lbs. As of this morning, I am back at 208. So hopefully this is a good sign. It's another reason why I hate getting off plan and feel so stressed to stay on plan. I don't remember gaining so much overnight getting off plan before pregnancy. Plus I don't feel like I could "work" it off. I know you can't exercise off bad choices know what I mean! Pregnancy you just cannot go as hardcore!

Deals: There wasn't much in deals this week. I needed some camping stuff from Aldi's from Playthink 2019. I chose to go to Aldi's this week. Aldi's ad said 50 cent leg quarters but they were 95 cents per pound when I got there. Kroger has grapes for a dollar, eggs for 88 cents, and chicken breast for 1.88 a pound.

Breakfast: I am trying to do a few e meals for breakfast the last few weeks. This week I may try my hand at Briana's stuffed french toast or even just easy E french toast. Other meals may be Kate's spinach eggs. If you follow me on IG, you notice a lot of zucchini and mushrooms along with all my meals. I have to eat big to stay full. I have been trying to cut back on the sausage through the week. Gotta check your balance of fuels/proteins through the week! Although I think we will be switching to some oatmeal when my preschooler stays home from school.

Lunches:  I always say leftovers but this week I rarely had leftovers. So one day I concocted this english muffin pizza using the pizza sandwich as a base recipe. Also you can cook an amazing sweet potato in 45 minutes in the airfryer. If you have the time at least. I have to remember to throw it in when I want one. Another day I threw a frozen salmon patty in the airfryer and put it on 20 minutes. It worked and was so delicious!

Snacks: Some of my go to snacks in my fridge are yogurt (I rarely buy triple zero), cottage cheese and meat trays if I am out and about. Remember snacks can be even meals, like a bowl of oatmeal. One day this past week I had an apple crisp for one. Just eat something!

If you ever want to learn more about THM, the books are an absolute must to understand the entire program. I first checked the books out of the library and bought the Table book. I searched youtube for real testimonies on the plan.   They own all the rights to these funny letters and sayings! I am absolutely not a THM coach. I am just a mom that wants to help others! I am absolutely not the best THMer and I have my moments of rebellion.


Bangin ranch drums using leg quarters

Mommy's meatloaf, Briana's website/cookbook

Deconstructed stuffed peppers, pg 54 in THT

Buffalo Crockpot Chicken,  pg 92 in THT

Friday:Sweet lime tacos, pg 93 in THT

Lentil soup

Sweet n spicy drummies, pg 221 in THT

Goals this week: Workins x 2, barre/core work x 2, yoga x 2, and Glow Body Prenatal plan. Walk challenge will finish up! Stay on plan and try my best to fuel my body well. Lots of veggies. I am hoping to be able to say that by the end of the second trimester, I only gained 7 pounds!

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Don't forget that I am teaching two classes at Playthink Fest this year!

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