Friday, February 24, 2012

Hoop Community Update

Throughout the last year, I go through emotional ups and downs thinking that creating a hoopdance community is ridiculous and impossible. Sometimes it seems daunting. Paige has been hooping it up in Lexington for years and hasn't eeked out more than a few people a week.  People are apathetic and don't want to do anything.  Then, I get one hoop sale or something nice happens.  Nothing happens for a while and then, the cycle repeats.    I love hooping and more than anything I want to give this gift to my area.  Plus deep down, I want to find my local hooping best friend and we'll be the dynamic duo of hoops and life will be grand!

I've started to teach a once a month hoopdance class at my place of work and I keep hoops downstairs. Yes, it's for free but I'm getting feedback and practice with teaching.  Hopefully, when I am able to get classes I can show them, "See, I'm awesome.  These sheets say so!"  In the last week, it's blown up! People will sneak downstairs on my lunch breaks to get me to teach them how to hula hoop!  I have two hoop orders and maybe more soon!

I've been passive-aggressively suggesting to the Jessamine Journal for a few weeks to do a piece on me and then, I submitted a piece to them about hooping for health.  A week later, I received a Facebook inbox.  It was from a writer that wanted to do a piece on me about hooping.  I met him yesterday and I rambled about hooping for an hour. And then I hooped.  I hope he got good material because I feel like I talked nonsense the entire time.  I tried to do dynamic hoop moves that I hope look well in pictures. Or no concentration hoop face.  He said it will be online on Wednesday and print on Thursday!  I'm so excited and nervous.  And excited!

I'm also going to be vending at the Central Kentucky Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.  This summer I will be holding a hooping workshop at the Jessamine County Library. Someone has offered to trade poi lessons for hoops.  That's cool cause I don't get paid as is and I still fail at poi.  I've contacted various YMCA children's programs to see if I could come out for hooping.  Jessamine answered me.  Fayette (which is what I used to work for!) has not.   I started a facebook page for my hooping business called Undefined Hoopdance and I'm making a website for it.  What should be on this website?

Maybe this is all coming together.  Or it will all unravel like I fear it all will.  Especially regarding my events for the Hoopnotica training and Hooping Life.  This weekend I'm going to spam/email all dance/yoga/fitness/etc studios about this event all over the state.

I am still fundraising money for The Hooping Life Event.  As far as I know, there are still many spots left in the Hoopnotica training.  Tempted? You should be!  You could meet me!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hooping Life Fundraiser

I'm raising money to bring a showing of The Hooping Life to Kentucky! I'm worried that I won't be able to make the goal of $500. I'm trying to think of new ideas but I'm running out of steam. I really thought there would be more interest in this. Anyone got any fundraising ideas? I have a super fun chipIn widget though.

Did I also mention this would be the same weekend as the Hoopnotica training? Fun for everyone!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Biggest Loser Update

I just wanted to post something super quick while I was at work.  For anyone wondering, I did not win the Biggest Loser Contest.  I didn't even hit the top 30 at all.  Yes, I'm dissapointed but oh, well.  I just got an email from them that I could have $250 off of admission.  Yeah, if I ever have 3k to spend on anything, I'm going to HoopCamp and every other hoop retreat there is.  I'm still clueless if I will get to go to any hooping retreat other than local ones. 

I haven't been hooping much lately.  I got really sick this past week.  I keep getting sick once a month lately because this weather won't calm down.  It's rather annoying vomiting my guts out.  I don't want to be sick anymore.  Someone fix this now!

I got a question:  What do you think is the perfect way to know if you are ready to move down hoop sizes?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fire Hoop

Last month I got my fire hoop and here it is:

This is a bearclaw manufacturing hoop.  They ship FAST and through Fedex (I'm not sure if this is important to some people).  These are removable spines.  I'm not sure if they are made to legit go on the inside but I screwed some in to test it like that.  I also bought the deluxe fire kit with it.  The deluxe comes with duvetyne, oil lighter, two paint cans, and a can opener. My hoop is the Sunhoop 4 with four snap connections, removable spines, and six inch steel spines.  It's 40" and when people say practice with your fire hoop, they are right.  It's so odd to realize your hoop isn't the usual space but wider.  Does that make sense?  

Overall, I'm very happy with this hoop.  The only issue I have is that when I snapped it, it unsnaps in motion.  I have snap hoops which means I'm familiar with the collapsible snap hoop wiggle.  It seems one connection doesn't seem to fully snap into place.  I was hooping with it and it fell apart at that spot. Although when I got the hoop from the mail, it was really cold.  I'm not sure if the cold effected the tubing (expanded it or contracted it?) and maybe that is why it wouldn't snap in place.  I just get some gaffer and have gaffer over all the connections